The power of subtlety – Love Will Overcome by Osmunda Music

Not long ago we took a closer look at the work of Rebecca Trujillo Vest as Osmunda Music. If you have somehow missed our previous review we highly advise you to go back to it before reading this one. We somehow think of it as a sequel to our exploration of the work of Osmunda Music. “Love Will Overcome” features everything that made us enjoy Rebecca’s previous release but definitely adds something different to the table.

Osmunda Music is a very, very intimate, sincere and spiritual music outlet but if “Munda” felt like a predominantly folk-inspired rock album, its successor sees Rebecca stripping down her music to its absolute minimum. This results in “Love Will Overcome” sounding like a very delicate and touching mixture of ambient, trip-hop and downtempo music that still has this distant taste of rock and singer-songwriter sincerity to it. Now Osmunda Music is quieter, but still very captivating. Among the main reasons for this are the perfectly written and performed vocal lines that still manage to shine and grab you despite the overall subtlety of the album.

The arrangements are very minimal, sometimes it’s only the voice and a delicate piano (“Welcome the Light”), a few synth layers laid over a warm breakbeat loop (“Love Will Overcome”), a minimal tribal drum loop and groovy basslines in a dialog only with the voice and very plain yet groovy synth melodies (“Be The Change”). Did we mention the closing track “Together”? Only a true artist can put so much energy and feeling in such a simple piece of music.

This rather modest instrumentation on “Love Will Overcome” allows Osmunda Music to fulfill what we perceive as the project’s most important mission – to convey the very personal and touching message. Rarely do you hear an album that approaches you so delicately and still manages to grab your attention and makes you really listen to it without missing a single detail. What’s even more important is that rarely do you hear an album that makes you feel so good, despite everything going inside or around you.

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