Osmunda is Sending More Love in the Shape of Music

A while ago we took a deep dive into the work of Osmunda Music. Exploring her previous full-length ‘Munda’ was quite an unprecedented experience in our time spent reviewing as it was the most positive record we’ve ever heard. And we’re not talking neutral or simply pumped up and uplifting, we’re talking REAL positive – from each note that’s played to the last word sang in it. It’s refreshing to see music being used to spread love, positivity, motivation and peace, especially in times like ours. So, when we saw a new record from Osmunda Music in our inbox we got excited to see where she takes us this time.

If 2019’s ‘Munda’ was mostly a folk-inspired rock album, its successor ‘Sending My Love’ is a whole different ordeal. The album has a strong electronic feel to it, it has polished but sparser production and in general Osmunda Music sounds more cosmic and epic than ever.

The tracks showcase a vast plethora of influences. While opener ‘Breathe’ feels like a summer chill-out banger with minimalist lyrics, tracks like ‘Golden Light’ and ‘I Believe’ bring almost new synth-wave vibes. Of course, not everything is punchy and suited for the dancefloor, in pieces like the self-titled closing track ‘Sending My Love’, ‘Be My Greatest Self’ or ‘Today Brings’ Osmunda Music is decreasing the tempo to remind us of the more contemplative side of her music.

Her voice throughout the whole album is godlike, thanks to skillful performance but to layers of reverb as well. This in combination with the more electronic-leaning arrangement makes ‘Sending My Love’ a bit more otherworldly experience than the previous record.

This new album is a big step forward for Osmunda Music and also an exploration of a new direction in arrangement and production. The album is a nice way to retreat from all that’s darkening your days. Its cosmic and lively sonic world will allow you to find some peace through music, and isn’t that something that we’re all about? 

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