A Guide to Reviewing Music
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A Guide to Reviewing Music

How to offer constructive feedback and bring someone’s music to the next level? In our times of information overflow, more and more opinion makers are trying to convince us reviewing music is becoming a forgotten art. With basically every release available for full digital stream the second it’s released, people can make their own mind without having to rely on somebody else’s expertise. So why should you learn how to give feedback to somebody else’s music? It’s a simple answer.…

Interesting Song Reviews

Introducing the Drooble Song Reviews!

Our new service is finally here! We are excited to share the launch of Song Reviews – a tool to order honest and useful feedback given by fellow musicians. What is even better is that you can earn money on the side for sharing your opinion and expertise on other people’s music! As a musician, you can choose whether you need a general understanding of how your song is perceived or go deeper into specific areas like songwriting, production, and…

Song Reviews

Praise makes you feel good as a musician. But only feedback makes you better!

Be among the first artists on Drooble to get objective and detailed feedback on their songs. All for Free! At Drooble, we are dedicated to providing independent musicians like you with better opportunities for growth. We’ve found that detailed song reviews could really help you increase your motivation and improve your songs’ overall creation and production process. We are launching a new service that will enable you to receive unbiased information on emotional responses, production analysis, songwriting opinions, improvement recommendations…