A love song you need in your life – Amiamoci Adesso by Fabrizio Tacconelli

Okay, let’s admit it, love has always been and will always remain one of the biggest influences for artists, musicians included. Some of the best pieces of art are connected to beautiful or tragic love stories and that’s something that will rule people’s hearts forever.

This said, we all have our favorite love songs, some soaked with nostalgia, some with sadness, others with hope and joy. But we all need a good love song every now and then. One that can make you melt in your solitude or in the company of your beloved one.

So, if you are currently looking for something that can help you dust off the good old feels let us share with you ‘Amiamoci Adesso’ (which we guess translates as Let’s Love Each Other Now) by Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio Tacconelli.

With lyrics in Italian, warm and detailed production, delicate arrangement, and most importantly touching chord progressions and soulful vocals ‘Amiamoci Adesso’ is everything you need from a love song. The lyrics written by Fabrizio and Cristiano Muti Pascarelli are emotional but not shallow and cheesy (translation is available on Drooble for those of you not fluent in Italian) and are performed with a real passion. The music is composed by Fabrizio and the singing is done by the unique voice of Andrea Guerini.

Top right: Andrea Guerini – singer
Top left: Fabrizio Tacconelli – music composer and writer of lyrics
Bottom left: Cristiano Muti Pascarelli – co-writer of lyrics
Bottom right: Roberta Valentini – protagonist in the song video

We were more than curious to find out the track as we’re listening to it now has not been recorded in a pro setting, but in the home studio of the singer, which Tacconelli picked for his song. This is even more impressive as we find the track pretty much ready to hit your favorite radio stations and melt some hearts and souls during these still cold winter nights and long drives.

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