The deadly and sinful sound of Dystopia of Truth
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The deadly and sinful sound of Dystopia of Truth


The subject of the seven deadly sins has always been an inspiration for artists – be that music, film, literature or theatre. We all have our favorite renditions and interpretations of the matter and Portuguese solo act Dystopia of Truth have added another interesting take on it. As you can guess, a record, carrying the title Deadly Sins would consist of exactly seven tracks, each named after one sin. We were glad to discover Dystopia of Truth is a project…

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The soulful electronic poems of Nicky Moyle


When we were researching Bridgend-based rock’n’roll guitarist Nicky Moyle we expected his solo album to be in a similar vein of the rock band The Last Chance Heroes he’s been a part of for 20 years now. However, we were more than surprised. His self-produced solo record Sound Poems for the Soul is as mellow and relaxing as the cover artwork suggests. Drawing inspiration from genres like downtempo and chill out with a focus on electronic instrumentation this album is…

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A quick fix of instrumental rock from Greece courtesy of Alexx


We’ll be brief on this one and we’ll keep it short and sweet just like Alex Alexandris has done on the three-tracker ‘My Music’. We’re not sure if we’re to treat this as an EP or at all as an actual release. However, this collection of tracks feels as homogeneous as needed as each piece follows the same thread and explores the fields of instrumental rock. In his bio Alexx shares, this is music he writes and self-produces in his…

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A Guide to Reviewing Music

A Guide to Reviewing Music gotoo

How to offer constructive feedback and bring someone’s music to the next level? In our times of information overflow, more and more opinion makers are trying to convince us reviewing music is becoming a forgotten art. With basically every release available for full digital stream the second it’s released, people can make their own mind without having to rely on somebody else’s expertise. So why should you learn how to give feedback to somebody else’s music? It’s a simple answer.…

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Electronic Life by Fran London is a collection of uplifting electronics


To be honest it’s been a while since we’ve heard an album like ‘Electronic Life’ and we mean not just on Drooble but in general. These days, the contemporary electronic music we follow has become heavy on concepts, ideas, and goals. It’s become more of an art piece than an entertainment product. What Fran London has done with this record is definitely on the other side of things. This album is simple, straightforward and its mission is clear – to…