Is my dog tone deaf? Exploring the animal-music relationship
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Is my dog tone deaf? Exploring the animal-music relationship

Animals Music Party

Do animals enjoy music just like us? Do they have an innate sense of what music is? Can my cat substitute my band’s bass player as he is always late to practice and never gives any constructive ideas? Well, these are all very important questions – thank you for asking. Let’s see. The internet and its endless resource of incredible videos has lead us to believe that animals are in fact more than capable of understanding, reproducing and creating what…


SmartGuitar will save money and do the thinking for you!

Smart Guitar Walter Medeiros

How about adding awesome effects to your guitar sound without having to sell your kidney? As always, we have something for you (you’re welcome): we give you the SmartGuitar – a better way to play guitar like a pro and not spend thousands on expensive gear. We were so happy we found this amazing gadget on Drooble, we contacted creators Walter Medeiros and Phil D’Cruz and asked them about their cool new contribution to music. Enjoy our talk! Hi Walter, please introduce yourself to our readers! Hello, Drooble!…

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Music facts you probably don’t know about

Knowledge is everywhere. We learn from everyday life, from books, magazines, from blogs, from friends, from everywhere. Learning is a process that never stops throughout our lives. Knowledge is like an ocean, the deeper you get, the more you understand what a tiny part of it you’ve acquired. There are tons of interesting facts that we happen to learn about by chance. Here is a list of some music facts, we thought is worth reading for: 1. Harmonica is the…