Real Names vs. Stage Names – Famous Musicians
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Real Names vs. Stage Names – Famous Musicians


Often times musicians present themselves with stage names by which they are known to their fans and supporters. There are many examples of artists, performers entertainers, actors and even sport celebrities around the world who use pseudonyms but we rarely have a reason to doubt the authenticity of someone’s name. Not that it’s much of a challenge to find information nowadays but it can be really surprising to discover your favorite musician’s real name is actually seventeen letters long. Hardcore fans usually…

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Famous musicians who are VERY smart

Brian May

It’s normal to be good at something. It’s great to be great at it. It’s impressing to be good at two things and astonishing to be really, really talented at both. For some artists music talent and academic achievements go together and learning that your favorite rock star is not only a brilliant performer and composer but also has a Ph.D. in molecular biology, makes them even more awesome that they already are. Today we pay our respects to those…


Top 5 YouTube Channels For Acoustic Music

Acoustic music is on the rise again. More and more people are looking to experience the sound in its purest form. Here at Drooble we love acoustic music and sharing our knowledge and passion for it, so we thought we’d compile a list with our top 5 YouTube channels with amazing acoustic performances by famous and aspiring musicians. Take a look and have a listen: 5) Word Sessions The team at the London-based company “Word Social” started the music series…

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The Biggest Mistakes Musicians Make on Social Media

Social Media

The biggest mistakes musicians make on social media are often times similar. For example one mistake everyone make is putting the medium before the message. This is the tool the media that you use. So musicians often say let’s say a Facebook event page out or write a press release, or blast it out on twitter without thinking what the message is going to say. From a marketing perspective it is better to stop and think what your angle is…