Best Tips to Monetize Live Stream Performances & Connect with Fans
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Best Tips to Monetize Live Stream Performances & Connect with Fans

Your fans need to experience live music for than ever. Especially in times like these, when COVID-19 has shut down live events. They crave live shows and they’re stuck at home. But this creates a major opportunity for musicians. We’ve all seen major artists putting out Live Stream performances for free on Facebook Live. Fans are getting used to, and enjoying, watching their favorite artist on a Live Stream performance. Even once concerts finally come back, we expect to see…

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Ralph Tomaselli debuts the video to his single “Obstacles”

We discovered US multi-instrumentalist Ralph Tomaselli in July when he just released his third full-length album “There’s Only So Much You Can Do”. Equally talented as a bass player, singer, composer and keyboardist his music is a warm and organic mixture of indie-influenced singer-songwriter music with strong cinematic and pop influences sprinkled all over. Presented through a textural and picturesque lyric video made on Drooble, the first video single “Obstacles” perfectly summarizes Tomaselli’s very unique and sincere approach to writing…

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Meet the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Drooble is happy to present the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. If you are passionate about performing music or producing music, you need to learn more about AIMM. They have been helping musicians and music producers capitalize on their passion for over 30 years and successfully break into the music industry. Alumni include artists like Kesha Lee and Turbo the Great. Whether you are interested in Music Production, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Vocals, AIMM has the programs to…


Uploading and streaming songs on Drooble are about to change for the better

It’s part of the Drooble mission to help musician grow and encourage them to collaborate. That’s why as of today June 12th, 2018, we are making some changes which aim at: > Better quality of the songs on the radio Change 1: The songs you upload will no longer be automatically streamed on the Drooble radio. Instead, there will be an approval process managed by Drooble Team – your songs will receive different in text and colour labels, which show…


We have just updated Drooble. So, what’s new?

We are constantly looking after Drooble and finding things to update. This time there’s no exception! We found some stuff we could address and make better – then we went ahead and did just that! Here’s what’s new around here… 1. New Karma Tool: Private Song Review When you choose to spend some karma points on the Private Song Review, you make sure you will receive personal directions for polishing your song. A professional from the Drooble Team will listen…