Richard Groce and Buddy Fulmer redefining Christian rock with a collaborative single
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Richard Groce and Buddy Fulmer redefining Christian rock with a collaborative single

When you think about it, rock and roll music can sound in so many different ways, but one thing is always the same – this is music about breaking the rules and norms, especially its own. Exactly this specific feature of our beloved and larger-than-life genre has managed to keep it relevant for decades and will probably keep pumping fresh blood in its veins for a long, long time. Such is the case with “I Pray”, a digital single by…

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Turning faith into inspiration – Interview with Froilan Villegas

We are so used to perceiving music as a mere means of entertainment and we rarely forget that it can actually convey a strong message. In the case of Froilan Villegas, the combination of rock, pop, country, and even jazz sound is a way to pass on his religious beliefs for those who might need and appreciate them. In a world where cynicism and consumerism reign it’s worth at least looking through the eyes of somebody who strives for something…

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Everyone Wins with Drooble at The International Songwriting Competition 2018

This year’s edition of The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is going to be huge and you have only a couple of days to submit your track! The already extended deadline for ISC 2018 is November 5 and it’s your chance to enter the competition and have your music heard by world-acclaimed artists and top tier industry professionals. The ISC is open to both amateur and professional songwriters, if you’ve already applied with some of your tracks you can use this…


This is Where I Make Music – YouTube Featured Video

November is here and the autumn is at its midst (at least where the Drooble HQ are), so we guess it’s time to let you know who won last month’s YouTube Featured Video Contest, right? We asked you to show us an official music video for a song of yours and as any other time we got some awesome submissions, but the 3 winners we chose are: Agnes Milewski with “Soma”, Kafetti with “Up in Here”, and Funkturm with “ONIL”!…


Album review – Roger Cultee – Mud

Roger Cultee doesn’t have a cult… yet. But he’s Native American and trust us, he knows how to summon spirits and battle demons. But he isn’t the kind to mumble magic spells under strained breath – no. Rather, he’s a man of brash rock and roll with the soul of a bluesman and calloused fingers that strained a thousand loud, wailing, screeching notes from his guitar to the delight of ghosts of bluesmen past. His second record may be titled…