The new generation of Bulgarian metal – Interview with Born For Vengeance
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The new generation of Bulgarian metal – Interview with Born For Vengeance

Hailing from Ruse, a city located on the Northern Danube shores of Bulgaria, Born For Vengeance is not your typical metalcore band. Their music often incorporates elements from other genres like electronic music. What’s more, Born For Vengeance are determined not only to evolve and progress in their craft but to build a community for the new generations of bands and musicians that will allow them to feel more welcome in the Bulgarian metal scene. Hello! Tell the world about…

Album Reviews

Steele Raven rides the wings of heavy metal on live compilation The Lost Years Collection, Vol. 1

The Lost Years Collection, Vol. 1 is an album that recently has been recovered from a 25 years old cassette tape and it offers a thundering slab of tightly played heavy metal, recorded live at an undisclosed location. The performance is loud and raucous, the riffs are huge, the sound thick as a brick. The songs are cleverly composed, with plenty of hooks that harken back to the glory days of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even Kiss.…

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How did The Horns become the symbol of heavy metal?

In today’s world of free speech, free thought and free Wifi, we all like to be masters of our own destiny from time to time. What we rarely realize is that this requires an understanding of our personality, of the words we utter, of the symbols we use to signify our subjective reality and in the simple terms of body language – of what physical gestures we use in our everyday life. One of these gestures, concerning mainly those of…


Grimaze Tales

Grimaze band

Grimaze band consists of vocalist Pavel Krumov, guitarist Melina Krumova, bassist Anton Dimitrov and drummer Nedy Miladinov. The band was formed in January 2013. At first Grimaze was playing covers of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pantera, but soon in their original music they move on to a heavier sound and playing. Grimaze’s sound is not easily classified as it is a mixture of several different styles. Genres that have been associated with Grimaze are: technical death metal, groove metal,…