“In a city full of nothing” Obey Amadeus creates hip-hop music with a<br>message
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“In a city full of nothing” Obey Amadeus creates hip-hop music with a

Recently, mainstream hip-hop music feels more and more detached from its initial values and roots. Just like many other movements that achieve commercial success and become exposed to a wider audience, there’s a lot of hip-hop music that simply feels like nothing else but a heartless entertainment product, deprived of deeper meaning, a message, and passion. However, with so much music being released on a daily basis of course there are multiple examples of how to balance catering to a…

Music Song Reviews

Going… by OMEHC – a piece of contrasts and a uniquely flavored take on modern hip-hop

OMEHC is an American hip-hop artist of Puerto Rican origin and although his love for the genre was sparked by the music made by some of the world’s most-known acts his works certainly have their unique flavor and character. After the debut full-length ‘life is BeAuTifUL’, released late 2020, OMEHC is now back with a couple of new tracks, which he has been so kind to share on Drooble so today we’re listening to ‘Going…’. Just like most of OMEHC’s…

Music Song Reviews

Oldschool vibe and modern sound meet up in Mai Ki’s “Regalo”

What’s one of the best things about music? Well, discovering new artists, digging info about them and eventually making their music a constant part of your life. In times when so much of the music has become a mere background to our daily routines, it’s amazing when you press the play button and what you hear makes you stop everything else that you are doing to just enjoy some quality time with a nicely written song. Mai Ki is a…

Music Song Reviews

Riding Along the Wastelands – A Lesson in Instrumental Metal Music by Rithiya Khiev

Metal music, at least in its purest form, is usually vocal-centered. Good hooks, epic chorus and neatly written verses are how you usually grab the listener’s attention and tell them your story. To do all of that instrumentally you need some great musicianship sprinkled with next-level songwriting. Exactly this is the case with ‘Riding Along The Wastelands’, an epic instrumental piece by Boston, Massachusetts-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Rithiya Khiev. With a strong background in music – everything from guitarist, drummer,…

Music Song Reviews

Where alternative and dark country meet – Troubles of the World by John Consalvo

John Consalvo is back with a brand new single. Earlier last month we shared with you our thoughts on “Open The Sea”, a previous track by Issaquah-based singer-songwriter, which caught our attention for both its unique musical direction and high-quality audio production. So now we’re back with even more fine-crafted music by Consalvo to discuss. “Troubles of The World” starts off with a hard-hitting, aggressive alternative rock build-up with the drums rolling under a slow low-pass filter while the guitars…