Oldschool vibe and modern sound meet up in Mai Ki’s “Regalo”

What’s one of the best things about music? Well, discovering new artists, digging info about them and eventually making their music a constant part of your life. In times when so much of the music has become a mere background to our daily routines, it’s amazing when you press the play button and what you hear makes you stop everything else that you are doing to just enjoy some quality time with a nicely written song.

Mai Ki is a singer-songwriter with an ear for pop, rock, blues, bossa nova and everything in between. Recently he’s been collaborating with DJ and producer Jee Bear and ‘Regalo’ is the result of this bombastic creative encounter. This four minutes of 100% feel-good pop music is so smooth and sweet. We honestly do not want to put any genre tags to, because we feel being something of its own is one of the main reasons why this track feels so special. It has a style of its own and is produced in a way that won’t leave you indifferent.

The production on ‘Regalo’ is pumped up and punchy but only so much as to uncompromisingly grab your attention and not let you jump to the next track. See, this is chilled-out music but it has a story to tell and has the very important mission to make you feel good and enjoy the moment.

As we already pointed out, the production is silky smooth and tight, the music is flirting with so many styles and with such an ease that suggests superb musicianship and confidence. Most importantly it suggests that this piece of music was written with joy and sincerity, something that modern pop music often lacks. Mai Ki’s vocals are laidback and chill but captivating. The modern sound breathes a new life into a somewhat of an old-school vibe.

Regalo’ once again reminds us that great music ideas do not age, they just wait for the right moment to reach your heart.

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