Why You Should Always Record Your Band Practice
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Why You Should Always Record Your Band Practice


I come across a lot of bands, and it never ceases to amaze me how few of them are recording their practice sessions. In fact, when I suggest it to some musicians they are almost bemused by the idea of recording something that traditionally isn’t meant to be recorded. Surely the practice is where you perfect your sound before recording? Well, I’m here to tell you that recording band practices changed everything for my music career, and the benefits span…


5 tips for mixing different genres in your songs


Confidently blending different genres can make for very exciting songs that capture listeners attention and stay in their memories for a long time to come. There is, however, an art to fusing different genres. If it’s not done tastefully, the result errs on jarring and experimental for the sake of it. You’d be right to be searching for some guidance on mixing different styles of music in your compositions. Drooble users certainly do – while discussing genre fusion, they came…


6 things every indie music lover wants their favourite artist to know


In the current time it has become very easy for everyone to access and contact any other person present in any part of the world. People have been connected globally with the help of social media. Then in such circumstances communicating with your favourite celebrities has become a lot easier. By following them on their social media accounts you get to know about the things happening in their lives and also about their daily lives. There are certain things that…


5 useful tips from Drooble users for finding lyrical inspiration

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Coming up with the right set of lyrics for a song could be challenging even for very experienced writers that have no problems expressing themselves in such form. That’s why Drooble users discussed the issue in our communities and pondered ways of breaking on through to the other side when you are stuck before a white list you must populate with words. Ones that rhyme and still make sense, no less! Songwriting can be difficult, but it is rewarding, so…


5 things that make you a worse musician – and how to easily avoid them


Just like there are many things you can do improve as a musician, there are others that will easily make your skills suffer. In this thread, Drooble users discussed several not-do’s that all musicians should avoid if they want to keep their skills and motivation in check. Are you dealing with any of these? Read the article and let us know what you think. Or even better – join Drooble and participate in the discussion with your own creative know-how!…