Eric Jon Veri gets back to business with indie-rock anthem ‘I Never Meant To Say Goodbye’
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Eric Jon Veri gets back to business with indie-rock anthem ‘I Never Meant To Say Goodbye’

One thing we love about music is that even if you try to run away or even take a break from it, it will still somehow find its way back to you. That’s the case with Eric Jon Veri, a multi-instrumentalist from St. Louis, USA who took some time from touring and band duties only to find himself returning to the studio ten years later more excited about writing and producing his own music than ever. Today we’re listening to…

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Osmunda is Sending More Love in the Shape of Music

A while ago we took a deep dive into the work of Osmunda Music. Exploring her previous full-length ‘Munda’ was quite an unprecedented experience in our time spent reviewing as it was the most positive record we’ve ever heard. And we’re not talking neutral or simply pumped up and uplifting, we’re talking REAL positive – from each note that’s played to the last word sang in it. It’s refreshing to see music being used to spread love, positivity, motivation and…

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Wulfpire take us on a trip in the occult and the darker side of R&B music

Wulfpire‘s music caught us absolutely off guard. We quickly checked the artwork, a glimpse at his Drooble profile and hit play. We were greeted by a short spoken word-driven intro that confused our expectations even further. Bracing ourselves for a harsh maybe industrial or raw electronic music trip, his still hot-off-the-oven 2020 full-length ‘The Darkness Within’ came at us with an absolutely mind-blowing mixture of R&B, hip-hop and soul music with a massive electronic sound. Trust us on this one,…

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Ralph Tomaselli debuts the video to his single “Obstacles”

We discovered US multi-instrumentalist Ralph Tomaselli in July when he just released his third full-length album “There’s Only So Much You Can Do”. Equally talented as a bass player, singer, composer and keyboardist his music is a warm and organic mixture of indie-influenced singer-songwriter music with strong cinematic and pop influences sprinkled all over. Presented through a textural and picturesque lyric video made on Drooble, the first video single “Obstacles” perfectly summarizes Tomaselli’s very unique and sincere approach to writing…

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Build Your Music Brand: 7 Ways an Online Merch Store Helps

Building your music brand is a challenge for any artist. It can be tough staying on top of writing, recording, and planning tours. Add building a brand to the mix and it becomes completely overwhelming. However, building your brand is important, especially for artists who are still working to make a name for themselves. Without effectively building your brand first, it is much more difficult to take your music to the next level. Establishing an online merch store can help…