Replay: Italian Funk Is Pretty Darn Awesome
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Replay: Italian Funk Is Pretty Darn Awesome

Replay Drooble Cover

Hey Drooblers! We’ve got a great treat for you today – an Italian band called Replay. As you might have guessed from the title, they’re in the funk department. If you didn’t get this from the title, I’m really not sure what to tell you… ANYWAY. We found these guys on Drooble and thought their music was pretty sweet, so, as any good Samaritans would have done, we decided to share it with you. When we found out half the band was…

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Tani In The Here And The Now

Yolanda niceto por norberto ayala (1)

  You know what? Almost everyone deserves a lesson in spontaneity every now and then. Almost. There are also those very few who actually give the lessons. One such individual is Tristana Wolf a.k.a. Tani. Tristana made an album and she did it as naturally as humanly possible – alone, in her room. At first, she wanted to record the whole thing again to get better quality but then decided to go with the raw product. It’s called Uturnis and it’s charming. Just…

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Bad Mary: The Modern Definition of Classic Punk Rock

badmary_band_medium – Копие

Okay, listen up. The easiest way to present a band is probably to just copy and paste some info off the Internet, but we won’t do that today. Well, we never do it anyway, but this time we have a really good reason not to. The particular band we’ll be talking about today is so freakin’ energetic that it wouldn’t be right to be any kind of lazy when writing about it. They’re loud, fun, fast and they literally kick ass. Yes, literally…

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Stokholm on the Black Sea

Stokholm (6)

Greetings, Drooblers Boy, do we have a treat for you today! This article is technically dedicated to an album called Individual Manifest Of Spirit but it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity to check out the great work of a band called Stokholm and to dive into their thoughts which, I promise you, will fill you with fresh positivity in no time. Stokholm is a five-member team from Bulgaria and the guys have been rocking the charts, festivals, clubs and venues all over the…

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KOBRA KEI: Your Nymph, Your Rapper, Your Messiah


You know how sometimes you can’t quite get someone because they seem too… unhuman? In the case of musicians it’s that feeling you get when the music and visuals are so weird but so well done at the same time, that you start doubting your own judgement and start wondering if you’re getting old. Sometimes musicians are brave, braver than normal. This is the case with Buenos Aires based Kobra Kei. I’m not sure what the best way to describe whet…