5 useful tips from Drooble users for finding lyrical inspiration
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5 useful tips from Drooble users for finding lyrical inspiration

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Coming up with the right set of lyrics for a song could be challenging even for very experienced writers that have no problems expressing themselves in such form. That’s why Drooble users discussed the issue in our communities and pondered ways of breaking on through to the other side when you are stuck before a white list you must populate with words. Ones that rhyme and still make sense, no less! Songwriting can be difficult, but it is rewarding, so…


5 things that make you a worse musician – and how to easily avoid them


Just like there are many things you can do improve as a musician, there are others that will easily make your skills suffer. In this thread, Drooble users discussed several not-do’s that all musicians should avoid if they want to keep their skills and motivation in check. Are you dealing with any of these? Read the article and let us know what you think. Or even better – join Drooble and participate in the discussion with your own creative know-how!…


Putting together an electronic press kit for your band is easy – here’s why you need one!


Being surrounded by musicians non-stop, we sometimes get to hear them bother. One of the worst anxiety we’ve heard from musicians is that putting together a very nice electronic press kit isn’t worth the time, because “labels receive hundreds of these each day” and “no one is going to see it”. What’s an electronic press kit, actually? It’s a package of visual, textual, and musical materials containing everything there is to know about your band or project. It’s the biggest…


5 tips for practicing and developing your musical hearing


Although history knows a certain famous composer who wrote impeccable music while deaf, his hearing was perfect for many years before an unfortunate disease robbed him of it. So good, in fact, that he could keep on hearing music in his head and write it out for other musicians to play, despite not being able to hear it performed. Point is, to write beautiful music, you need a good set of ears. But don’t worry if you aren’t born with…


5 tips for better focus while playing live


While playing live, there are two areas of focus – your performance and how you audience responds to it. Trying to emphasize both equally will result in a distracted, unconfident show that’s going to leave both you and the crowd disappointed. How do you deal with an issue this tricky? As always, Drooble users come to the rescue, sharing some valuable tips and knowledge on the subject that you can apply straight away. In short, you must master your performance…