Where alternative and dark country meet – Troubles of the World by John Consalvo
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Where alternative and dark country meet – Troubles of the World by John Consalvo

John Consalvo is back with a brand new single. Earlier last month we shared with you our thoughts on “Open The Sea”, a previous track by Issaquah-based singer-songwriter, which caught our attention for both its unique musical direction and high-quality audio production. So now we’re back with even more fine-crafted music by Consalvo to discuss. “Troubles of The World” starts off with a hard-hitting, aggressive alternative rock build-up with the drums rolling under a slow low-pass filter while the guitars…

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Tim Gainer is back at it with the heart-melting You’re Not Supposed To Hear This

We’ve kept an eye on Tim Gainer ever since his 2019 full-length Honor Among Thieves was released (find our review here). It was, and still is, a rock’n’roll roller coaster of an album that left us wanting more from the place where it came from. Gainer, a show business OG with over 40 years of experience in the game didn’t wait for too long, and despite we were pretty sure the best from him is yet to come his brand…

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“You’re The Best” by Clark Ford is a feel-good country rock album that you need in your life

“You’re The Best” is a brand new full-length album by singer-songwriter Clark Ford. Based in Ames, Iowa he’s a seasoned professional in working with a plethora of genres among which pop, country, sacred and Americana. Another fascinating side of his 10+ years-long musical journey is his passion for musicals, many of which you can find on his YouTube channel. On “You’re The Best”, however, Ford is indulging in what we suppose he loves the most – writing personal and uplifting…

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Eric Jon Veri gets back to business with indie-rock anthem ‘I Never Meant To Say Goodbye’

One thing we love about music is that even if you try to run away or even take a break from it, it will still somehow find its way back to you. That’s the case with Eric Jon Veri, a multi-instrumentalist from St. Louis, USA who took some time from touring and band duties only to find himself returning to the studio ten years later more excited about writing and producing his own music than ever. Today we’re listening to…

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Osmunda is Sending More Love in the Shape of Music

A while ago we took a deep dive into the work of Osmunda Music. Exploring her previous full-length ‘Munda’ was quite an unprecedented experience in our time spent reviewing as it was the most positive record we’ve ever heard. And we’re not talking neutral or simply pumped up and uplifting, we’re talking REAL positive – from each note that’s played to the last word sang in it. It’s refreshing to see music being used to spread love, positivity, motivation and…