Tim Gainer is back at it with the heart-melting You’re Not Supposed To Hear This

We’ve kept an eye on Tim Gainer ever since his 2019 full-length Honor Among Thieves was released (find our review here). It was, and still is, a rock’n’roll roller coaster of an album that left us wanting more from the place where it came from. Gainer, a show business OG with over 40 years of experience in the game didn’t wait for too long, and despite we were pretty sure the best from him is yet to come his brand new single honestly caught us a bit off guard.

You’re Not Supposed To Hear This…” is as a heartbreaking and soul-crushing track (in the best possible way) as its title suggests. This epic rock ballad, fueled by sincerity, powerful lyric-writing and musical craftsmanship, is a relentless emotional build-up.

We promise you that its gripping melodies, meticulous arrangement, and outstanding vocal performance will leave you breathless. The production allows Gainer’s musical ideas to sound vast but it has retained enough edge to be authentic and organic.

Keep them coming, Mr. Gainer. We are sure we are not the only ones eager to hear more!

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