YouTube Featured Video – My Favorite Musical Instrument
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YouTube Featured Video – My Favorite Musical Instrument

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In June we introduced our new YouTube Featured Video contest and asked you to make a video of a song you wrote and are really proud of. We are really happy with the response we got – 43 of you submitted their videos and while they were all great we chose these 3 videos by Mathew Joseph, Elkapath, and Gideon Doolaard as winners for the month: Now it’s time to announce our new topic for July! In this month’s YouTube…


A song I am proud of – YouTube Featured Video Contest

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As we told you earlier this week we are starting a new monthly video contest series called YouTube Featured Video. The idea is really simple, but we think it’s cool – you post a video about a topic or theme we give you each month and at the end of the month we choose the best videos to promote and upload to our YouTube channel. You will also get 300 Karma points if we choose your video. Check the previous…


Contest: YouTube Featured Video


Today we are starting something new. As you all know, Drooble is all about sharing your passion and ideas with like-minded people. To give you another opportunity to do that, we are starting a monthly thematic video contest series. With this, we want to encourage you to try something new and fun, share something cool with the world and be awarded for it. How this works? At the beginning of every month, we’ll give you a theme or topic you…