Miasma or the promising start of Tasmania’s Dream Sister
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Miasma or the promising start of Tasmania’s Dream Sister


This EP is a brand new one. ‘Miasma’ was released literally the same week we are reviewing it and is the debut recording of Dream Sister, an alternative band hailing from Launceston, Australia. The first time we gave it a spin it felt like two worlds clashing. The production seemed to suit more an electronic band than it fitted the six-piece band with a more regular rock / alternative setup. The more we listened to it, however, the more it…

Album Reviews

Don’t Come As You Are listening to 2USband’s album


Alternative rock is alive and well in 2USband‘s full-length, Don’t Come As You Are. But, make no mistake, this is no Nirvana tribute. Rather, it’s a melting pot of influences ranging between alt. rock and indie pop. It’s a very pleasant mixture, the product of two competent musicians — a couple from Norway. Everything is produced in their home studio, then sent off to the States for mixing and mastering. The songwriting and production quality are certainly impressive, given the…


Sigma Falls, a Band Interview

Sigma Falls Music Band

‘Sigma Falls’ Band Sigma Falls are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK. Their powerful riff-driven and energetic sound mixes influences from the Seattle grunge and California punk scene of the 90’s with alternative rock bands from the UK. The ethos of the band is simple: to craft upbeat and catchy carefree songs and perform captivating dynamic performances. Today we have Andi from Sigma Falls talking to us so please go ahead and enjoy our Talk Hey there Andi, please…