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Sigma Falls

‘Sigma Falls’ Band

Sigma Falls are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK. Their powerful riff-driven and energetic sound mixes influences from the Seattle grunge and California punk scene of the 90’s with alternative rock bands from the UK. The ethos of the band is simple: to craft upbeat and catchy carefree songs and perform captivating dynamic performances. Today we have Andi from Sigma Falls talking to us so please go ahead and enjoy our Talk 🙂

Hey there Andi, please introduce Sigma Falls to our readers!

Sigma Falls is an alternative rock band, from Portsmouth, England. We’re made up of Karl on vocals, Ryan on drums, Russ on Bass, Craig on lead guitar and myself on rhythm guitar. Karl and I started the band back in 2013 after getting together to work on some song ideas.

What hooked you to music in the first place?

My original roots stemmed from what my parents were listening to, so Abba and Beach Boys were my first love; then years later discovered rock music through Guns ‘n’ Roses, which I listened to non-stop before discovering other rocks bands. I pretty much absorbed as many bands as I could such as Oasis, Offspring, Green Day then Nirvana and Foo Fighters. It was around this time in 1997 when I taught myself the guitar and started to write songs.

How did you manage to book your first gig?

Sigma Falls’ first gig was at the Fat Fox in Portsmouth, a venue we played many times during the first year. It was Pilot Promotions who gave us our break after Karl approached them. They have since put us on some great line-ups at some of the best local venues.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

For me it’s the collaborative songwriting with Karl; It’s turning up to practice each week to rock out. I enjoy practicing and working on new songs as much as playing gigs.

Listen to Sigma Falls performing live @ Victorious Festival 2015

How do you promote yourself – please share a few tips.

Up to now it’s been very much about playing whatever shows we can as well as getting our name about through social media. We’ve got a couple of shows coming up and have had flyers printed to hand out, which is a first for us.

Tell us some more about the process of making your music.

Most of the songs started out being strummed on my Takamine acoustic. Song ideas have either come from riffs etc. I’ve come up with or melodies I’ve sung into my mobile. Sometimes I’ll also come up with the vocal melody once I have the guitar structure down and record this too –  sounds terrible when I listen to it back LOL. This is where Karl comes in – so we’ll have sessions where I’ll keep repeating sections of the song and he’ll come up with a melody, or use mine if he doesn’t, and then just starts writing lyrics. This was something I had always struggled with in previous bands, but Karl seems to write lyrics so easily and not only that, will remember them straight away. Not quite sure how he does it!

Are you planning an album?

Sadly we don’t have the funds for the studio to record a full-length album, certainly at the quality I’d like, but we’re starting to talk about going back into the studio to record a 4/5 track EP.

What do you think of Drooble?

I think Drooble has great potential. It has some teething problems but, on the whole, it feels well thought out and quite polished. From a band point of view, I think it presents itself better than having a band page on Facebook – it has a big clean feel to it with simple navigation.

Who do you dream of playing with at the same stage?

There are hundreds of bands I’d love to play with at the same stage, but there is one band more than any who I’ve seen about 20 odd times and that is ‘A’. They never really made it mainstream, although came close with hit single ‘Nothing’, but always put on a great show. There came a moment last year when supporting them was a possibility but for whatever reason the gig never materialised.

What’s next for you?

2015 was a great year for us recording a couple of tracks and playing our first festival at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, but next up would be more out of town shows and festivals as well as recording that EP.

Sigma Falls from the UK, follow them at


  1. Pat S.

    I know you guys, are you coming to Leeds?

  2. Hopefully we’ll make it happen one day!

  3. Hopefully one day we will make it happen!

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