How did music happen? Part 1: “Digging”
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How did music happen? Part 1: “Digging”

Divje Babe flute

  Hey. A question I’ve asked myself for longer than I can remember popped into my head for the millionth time: how did music happen? It’s been bugging me since forever and I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, I boldly decided to dive into the depths of human history and scientific thought only to find that my question was as fundamental as a question could get. My search led me through a very, very long series…


7 Incredible Death Metal Drummers!

Drums Set

Today’s article is going to be smooth as Michael Jackson’s criminal. Here are our favorite drummers from the metal scene. Lyle Cooper – drummer of “Abhorrent” and ex-drummer of “The Faceless” One of my all time favorite death metal drummers. The stuff he plays now with “Abhorrent” makes his past career with “The Faceless” seem as he was just warming up with them. And “The Faceless” drums are far from easy. With his creativity and technique he is a true…


The never ending tick – a Metronome tale

I don’t know if you have seen the new Steve Jobs movie, but in it the too-sexy-to-be-believable Michael Fassbender, tells a story of how he met a famous conductor which he asked what was the point of his vocation when a metronome can do what he does. This conversation was the build up to the quote we are bound to see on inspirational posters in the future: ‘Musicians play instruments. I play the orchestra’ But let us get back to the…


Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!

Want to reeeeally get your music out there, reach more and more fans and stay in touch with them? Keep reading. Why do I need a band page on Drooble? Unless you’re a deep sea creature with weird, indiscernible anatomy, you most probably need your face to present yourself to other life-forms. Well, it works the same with everything – whether you’re selling hotdogs or creating cardboard swords, you have an indispensable need of, let’s say, a shop window. This…

Off Beat

Face it, all your favorite songs are covers

Buckle up, it’s “omg-is-that-really-a-cover” time! Remember how you used to relate with musical artists because of the deep meaning of their songs? Remember the ginormous respect you had for their all-mighty lyric writing skills? How you were certain you would never be creative enough to compose a piece of music that could touch the human soul as your favorite tunes did? Remember how you used to admire the pure spark of genius that must have overtaken those musicians when they…