Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!

Want to reeeeally get your music out there, reach more and more fans and stay in touch with them? Keep reading.

Why do I need a band page on Drooble?

Unless you’re a deep sea creature with weird, indiscernible anatomy, you most probably need your face to present yourself to other life-forms. Well, it works the same with everything – whether you’re selling hotdogs or creating cardboard swords, you have an indispensable need of, let’s say, a shop window. This is exactly what Drooble does for musicians – it gives you the opportunity to show your amazing work to the world and share the excitement with other musical addicts all around the globe.

That way you not only get hardcore fans and supporters but also meet people you might want to work on musical projects with in the future, attract students or find the best music teacher in the world. On top of that, friendships are made, bonds are created, music springs out uncontrollably and everyone’s happy. We’re not SAYING Drooble is a recipe for a better world but you never know, it just might be 🙂

Okay, what CAN I do with my Band Page?

Basically, what you’d think you can, plus some other stuff we thought you might find useful:

  • Build a strong community of fans and bathe in their unconditional adoration
  • Share your mind-blowing songs, videos, photos and LOVE
  • Announce upcoming gigs
  • Share news about your music and/or your personal life, if you’re into that sort of kinky stuff
  • Hold contests and offer rewards
  • Promote your merchandise goodness
  • Get valuable feedback and answer fan questions
  • Find true love and the meaning of life*

*Not guaranteed but highly possible

Jane, how do I create this crazy thing?

Easy as pie AND completely free. Here’s how:

        1. Sign in (duh)
        2. Go to “Create a band page” (to the left, to the left)
        3. Pick a page name and be amazed as a custom URL is created for you
        4. Write a few words about yourself and add links to your other online habitats
        5. Upload a profile photo, you handsome person, you (you also get a cover image for double the exposure!)
        6. Upload pics, music and videos (we support MP4, AVI and MOV)

If you’ve ever been a kid, you know sharing is the real deal. The best thing about Drooble is the awesome community. Once your Band Page is set, you can start interacting with thousands of amazing people who share your passion and enjoy discovering new artists, exchanging ideas, growing as musicians and expressing themselves through the limitless and all-comprehensive language of music.

In conclusion: We’re happy to have your band page on Drooble \m/


Have more questions or ideas on how to make this feature even more awesome? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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  1. Thrasher

    Just discovered this band ! Keep up the good work, guys! <3

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