Big update soon. Drooble is becoming much more interesting and community oriented
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Big update soon. Drooble is becoming much more interesting and community oriented


If you have been around in the past months, and by around I mean on Drooble, you might have seen a bunch of these short gifs we posted, showing people discussing specific music topics, asking and answering particular questions about instruments, playing, gear and such. Well, а big change is coming up on your favorite music social network. Your newsfeed is about to become more organized, more intuitive and more useful. Sure, these are some big statements but hear me…

Music News Talks

Ashley Chambers and her adorable students need a new school. Let’s make it happen.


What up, Drooble people? Don’t answer that, I’ll tell you what’s up. Ashley Keiko Chambers is an amazing musician, a great music teacher, an awesome human being and a real friend to her many and, as the title clearly states, adorable students. She’s been teaching for some time now, but Keiko Studios, her music academy, is currently operating from the back room of her parents’ martial arts school in NYC. Now stop reading for a few seconds and imagine trying…

Interesting Music News Talks Videos

Jason and Gail won the Drooble Tune challenge the right way

Drooble Tune Jason Gail 2

Hey there, music lovers! Today is a special day because we’re going to introduce to you two amazing people, whose passion for music and collaborative spirit help Drooble become the place it’s meant to be. Jason Flinter and Gail Ford won the Drooble Tune competition with a magnificent piece of music which celebrates togetherness, spontaneity and bravery. Their song came out reeeeally good and you can definitely see how much fun they were having, check it out:   We though it would be interesting and inspiring for…


Drooble Goes Spanish


Hola! We’ve got HUGE news! Drooble now officially has a Spanish version – HOW COOL IS THAT? As it turns out, a large chunk of our users are musicians from South America so it was only logical to make a Spanish version of the website. If you happen to be Brasilian, it’s not personal. So don’t frown and wait until Drooble becomes a global superpower, eliminates all borders and teaches everyone the universal language of music! But you’ll probably have…


Introducing: the Drooble Radio!

drooble radio

Hey, guess what! We launched yet another new feature on Drooble. Тhis time we made a radio so that everybody within the community can listen to your music. But why? Well, because we can, but also for three main reasons. One, regular mainstream radio is boring and we wanted to provide you with the means of escaping it by giving you something else to listen to. Two, what better way to discover new musical content than just stream it directly…