Why musicians must take full advantage of social media
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Why musicians must take full advantage of social media


As an artist or band member, do you, for any reason, dread having to maintain a public profile on social networks? Does posting and reposting content in hopes to get noticed feel like a chore, rather than something natural that seems to happen on a whim? Hey, sometimes it can be drudge work – like any sort of work, including recording, editing, and producing your own music! But if you really don’t feel hot about putting yourself and your art…


The Most Awesome Music Newsfeed In The World


Okay, the good news is finally here! Yes, Easter has come and gone but we’re definitely not talking about that good news. In the spirit of the holiday though, Drooble has been reborn! Some major updates happened on your favorite music social network and we’re very proud to announce that it is now even more useful than before. There are many new things to explore and talk about so let’s get this over with and let you enjoy the new…

Interesting Music Off Beat Stuff

TrickJazz Studios brings music creators and mobile gamers together in cool new startup

TrickJazz Studios Drooble

Howdy Drooblers! A lot of you have sent us letters asking how games and music could be related so that musical artists can finally get the attention they deserve through the high-tech means of modern entertainment. Actually no, you haven’t, because we’ve never talked about gaming before and we’ve certainly never received a letter. Nonetheless, a new startup has decided to address this issue by combining mobile games, jazz and hip-hop artists. Here’s how: Here’s the Kickstarter campaign page of TrickJazz…


Big update soon. Drooble is becoming much more interesting and community oriented


If you have been around in the past months, and by around I mean on Drooble, you might have seen a bunch of these short gifs we posted, showing people discussing specific music topics, asking and answering particular questions about instruments, playing, gear and such. Well, а big change is coming up on your favorite music social network. Your newsfeed is about to become more organized, more intuitive and more useful. Sure, these are some big statements but hear me…

Music Stuff Talks

Ashley Chambers and her adorable students need a new school. Let’s make it happen.


What up, Drooble people? Don’t answer that, I’ll tell you what’s up. Ashley Keiko Chambers is an amazing musician, a great music teacher, an awesome human being and a real friend to her many and, as the title clearly states, adorable students. She’s been teaching for some time now, but Keiko Studios, her music academy, is currently operating from the back room of her parents’ martial arts school in NYC. Now stop reading for a few seconds and imagine trying…