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Depart on a Bounty Hunt Voyage for Drooble Karma


Since we recently launched our new tool – Song Reviews – Drooble karma points have become more desired than ever. As we are dedicated to provide better opportunities for musicians we have now prepared a new program that can easily help you earn Karma and spend it on useful tools. We will create an exclusive weekly pool of 10 000 karma points which will be granted to the artists who claim them after performing any of the following actions: Add…


8 easy steps to take your music career to the next level

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Nowadays, being a successful musician requires much more skills than one can imagine. As much as you need talent, you can’t get anywhere without having discipline, patience and a large set of other skills. To survive the blooming, or should we say oversaturated, music world every musician needs to build the right set of capabilities, competencies and form a mindset of relentless dedication. However, there are certain tricks that can make the process far more entertaining and fun while still…


Here’s How to Get Your Songs Back on the Radio


It’s been exactly one month since we changed our policies for uploading and streaming songs on Drooble. We want to provide you with better opportunities for growth by creating a culture of mutual support between musicians and these changes are important step towards our goal. Thank you all for the support and trust on the path of improvements. Since it’s been a month, today a lot of songs are getting off the radio because their free broadcast is over. Some…


Get Your Music Featured on Drooble’s Spotify Playlist

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 06:  In this photo illustration, the logo of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is displayed on the screen of an iPhone on January 06, 2017 in Paris, France. Spotify announced, via a tweet published Thursday, that it now has 70 million paid subscribers. As a comparison, in September, Apple Music claimed 30 million subscribers and Deezer had fewer than 10 million subscribers. Spotify, the world's largest streaming music company, is expected to be listed on the Wall Street stock market in the first quarter of 2018.  (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Starting today we have another cool way of helping you promote your music! We know that at the moment Spotify is one of the hottest places to distribute your music – most of the new hyped music is being streamed there and if you want to use every chance to succeed, your songs should be there too. It’s also another way to provide you with better opportunities for growth by showcasing your music as a member of our community! In…