Make the most of your Drooble EPK
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Make the most of your Drooble EPK

Drooble’s Electronic Press Kit is the easiest way to create a powerful impression with venuеs, promoters, labels, journalists and other industry representatives. EPK is your professional artist page containing all your music-related content including bio, discography, photos, videos, upcoming events, testimonials, downloadable assets and more. Here is a short guide highlighting the main EPK’s sections and describing the best ways to fully utilize them: Cover Photo will be the first thing people will see when opening your EPK so it…

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Earn Money on Drooble easily by inviting other musicians!

We have awesome news! Sharing your personal Drooble invitation link on your social media or directly sending it to other musicians will add money to your Drooble wallet once the people you invited start purchasing Drooble services. You will receive 10% of the money spent on Drooble by the people you invited! For example, a $100 order will earn you 10$ sent directly to your Drooble Wallet! These are the tools from which you can earn money: · Song Reviews…

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3 Things You Need to Focus on to Build a Successful Music Career

There are so many musicians trying to make it today in the music business, more than ever before. In fact, the market is so crowded with so much music being released every day that most music and talent goes undiscovered. That is the simple truth. So what’s the secret to developing a music career – one that’s fulfilling, profitable, and sustainable in the long-run? When you look out at the musicians and bands that are having success breaking into the…

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How To Teach Music and Why You Should

The idea of teaching music may seem like an easy task for most people with a musical background. Having expert skills with an instrument enables you to teach others and you don’t need to have a degree unless you are working in an accredited school. If you have ever thought about teaching music in some way, whether at a school, at a studio, or out of your home, you should know that for a student, music education is not something…

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5 Ways to Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

Would you attempt to run a 5k without stretching first? For most people, the answer to that question is easy: of course not! Running is a physical exercise that requires loosening of the muscles in order to prevent injury. In the same way, singing requires a little bit of work on the front end, before jumping right into that challenging song or solo. For singers, your body is your instrument, and you should treat it as such by properly taking…