Make the most of your Drooble EPK

Drooble’s Electronic Press Kit is the easiest way to create a powerful impression with venuеs, promoters, labels, journalists and other industry representatives. EPK is your professional artist page containing all your music-related content including bio, discography, photos, videos, upcoming events, testimonials, downloadable assets and more.

Here is a short guide highlighting the main EPK’s sections and describing the best ways to fully utilize them:

  • Cover Photo will be the first thing people will see when opening your EPK so it is important to choose a good image! A quality photo from a live gig is a good choice that always catches the eye but investing in a professional photo session will greatly help you grow your career. Recommended image size: 2400×1440 pixels (or 1200×720 – will not look good on Retina displays).
  • Logo – can be a transparent .png logo of your band/project or you can have your name written in standard font, chosen by us which will always look good. Your logo can be horizontal, vertical, circle or square, so choose the optimum size that fits good on top of your cover photo.
  • Featured Song will highlight one song of your choice, below your logo/band name. Select what you consider to be your best song or a new single, so that you can immediately draw the attention of each visitor. Once you hook the person with a catchy tune, he will be more likely to explore the whole EPK and listen to the rest of your songs.
  • Story is the section where you highlight the most important facts around your music career. It is good to mention how you started, current line-up if you are a band, genre, concerts activity, key tours, etc. Share stories from behind the curtains and let visitors discover more of your human side as well, as this will bring them closer to your music. The optimal size for this section is around 200 words so that you can keep it engaging and easy to read.
  • Featured Story Photo – add a photo next to your Story, so that you can make this section more beautiful. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you choose the one that speaks loud enough. Recommended image size: 1200×1200 pixels (or 600×600 – will not look good on Retina displays).
  • In the next section, you can choose whether to include some of the following information: Genre, Influences, Equipment, Gigs Played, Home Town, Record Label. People love clear facts and numbers, so this might be a decision maker.
  • Discography is the place to list all your albums and singles and without a doubt one of the most important sections of your EPK. When industry people look at your artist presentation, discography is definitely a section they won’t skip, so make it complete and perfect.
  • Videos are the type of media that grab the attention the most nowadays. Make sure to add official videos, live videos, interviews and everything that you want to share with the world as it helps you build more trust and credibility in the eyes of your viewers. Videos are easier to consume than text and can boost engagement with your EPK.
  • Upcoming Gigs lists all of your future gigs and show promoters, journalists and other industry representatives that you are an active artist/band with intense concert activity. It is important that you keep this section up to date.
  • Photos is the section where you can add all photos of your project that you want. Choose good quality ones that best present your live act, music, and artistry. Don’t forget that some of them might be used for press releases, interviews, events, etc.
  • Testimonials lets you include warm words that have been said about you and your music. Feel free to include quotes of album reviews, media features, fan letters, youtube comments, and others. This enhances your brand of an artist and provides you with a more professional look.
  • Interview provides you with a section where you can answer some predefined questions that will appear in the form of an interview with you. It is really useful as it gets viewers closer to your human side.
  • Download Assets makes your logo, bio, photos, and even the entire EPK easily downloadable with a single click. It might sound like a no brainer, but once the media starts contacting you, this will be the best way to follow up on their requests. Make sure you don’t forget this section and regularly update your files.
  • Contact Artist Form makes it easy for managers, promoters, journalists, and everybody else to get in touch with you instantly! You want more gigs, publications, and other music-related opportunities, right?
  • You will also be able to add links to your existing profiles in other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, etc.

We made each section highly customizable to match your unique needs and added an option to show or hide sections in order to send customized EPK to your target prospects. You can also export your press kit in PDF format and attach it to contact emails for promoters or journalists.

Maintaining a professional and up to date artist presentation is the key to getting more gigs, press coverage, and other opportunities. Drooble EPK will for sure make you stand out from the crowd and turn your artistry into a masterpiece.

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