5 Ways to Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

Would you attempt to run a 5k without stretching first? For most people, the answer to that question is easy: of course not! Running is a physical exercise that requires loosening of the muscles in order to prevent injury.

In the same way, singing requires a little bit of work on the front end, before jumping right into that challenging song or solo. For singers, your body is your instrument, and you should treat it as such by properly taking care of it.

One of the best ways to care for your voice is to ensure that you’re warming up before singing. Attempting to belt out those beloved high notes, without building up to them first, is a sure way to damage your vocal cords in the long run.

So in this article, we’ll share a few of the best videos with vocal warm-ups for singers. Watch any of these helpful tutorials before your next performance or recording session for a noticeable improvement in your sound.

Warm-Ups for When You’re in a Hurry

Having a fit of the last-minute jitters while waiting backstage? Never fear! Ease your mind and boost your confidence with any of these quick vocal warm-ups including sirens, lip trills, and hissing.

Lip Trills or Bubbles

Lip trills are the perfect way to prepare your voice before hitting those high notes. Follow along with the short clip below to practice your skills. You can also download a keyboard app to do lip trills along with scales at any time!

Hissing Warm-Ups

If you’re in a crowded area and don’t want others listening in on your warm up, consider hissing exercises. These nearly silent warm-ups involve hissing like a snake for a set period of time, to improve your breath control.

Vocal Sirens or Slurs

Vocal sirens help prep the voice as you work your way through your highest and lowest notes. While practicing sirens, your vocal folds stretch and extend. So you should only attempt a full range siren after completing a couple of other warm-ups first.

Warm Ups to Add to Your Practice Routine

If you’re looking for more beneficial warm-ups to add to your daily practice sessions, you’ll find some of the best options below. These are excellent videos to watch when you have a little extra time on your hands.

Breathing Exercises

Many singers overlook the importance of breathing when singing. But proper breathing is perhaps the most important technique for singers to master! To make sure you have an efficient amount of breath support, practice the seven exercises below.

Yoga Poses

Yes, you read that correctly! Yoga poses or stretches can work wonders for singers of all skill levels. As we mentioned before, your body is your instrument. So take the time to loosen it up and relieve any lingering tension before you sing, with the soothing yoga practice below.

We hope these warm-ups help you nail your next performance or recording session. Can you think of any more vocal exercises that help prep your voice for singing? Share your best tips and tricks with us!

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