Earn Money on Drooble easily by inviting other musicians!

We have awesome news! Sharing your personal Drooble invitation link on your social media or directly sending it to other musicians will add money to your Drooble wallet once the people you invited start purchasing Drooble services.

You will receive 10% of the money spent on Drooble by the people you invited! For example, a $100 order will earn you 10$ sent directly to your Drooble Wallet!

These are the tools from which you can earn money:
· Song Reviews to receive genuine feedback on their songs from fellow artists
· EPK to make a strong impression with venues, labels, and other industry professionals
· Mastering or Mixing by an experienced sound engineer
· Interview or Album review publication on the Drooble blog

Note that you need to use only your custom invitation link to earn money!

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