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Depart on a Bounty Hunt Voyage for Drooble Karma

Since we recently launched our new tool – Song Reviews – Drooble karma points have become more desired than ever. As we are dedicated to provide better opportunities for musicians we have now prepared a new program that can easily help you earn Karma and spend it on useful tools. We will create an exclusive weekly pool of 10 000 karma points which will be granted to the artists who claim them after performing any of the following actions: Add…

Interesting Song Reviews

Introducing the Drooble Song Reviews!

Our new service is finally here! We are excited to share the launch of Song Reviews – a tool to order honest and useful feedback given by fellow musicians. What is even better is that you can earn money on the side for sharing your opinion and expertise on other people’s music! As a musician, you can choose whether you need a general understanding of how your song is perceived or go deeper into specific areas like songwriting, production, and…


Uploading and streaming songs on Drooble are about to change for the better

It’s part of the Drooble mission to help musician grow and encourage them to collaborate. That’s why as of today June 12th, 2018, we are making some changes which aim at: > Better quality of the songs on the radio Change 1: The songs you upload will no longer be automatically streamed on the Drooble radio. Instead, there will be an approval process managed by Drooble Team – your songs will receive different in text and colour labels, which show…


Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!

Want to reeeeally get your music out there, reach more and more fans and stay in touch with them? Keep reading. Why do I need a band page on Drooble? Unless you’re a deep sea creature with weird, indiscernible anatomy, you most probably need your face to present yourself to other life-forms. Well, it works the same with everything – whether you’re selling hotdogs or creating cardboard swords, you have an indispensable need of, let’s say, a shop window. This…