Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!
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Drooble presents: the Band Page feature!


Want to reeeeally get your music out there, reach more and more fans and stay in touch with them? Keep reading. Why do I need a band page on Drooble? Unless you’re a deep sea creature with weird, indiscernible anatomy, you most probably need your face to present yourself to other life-forms. Well, it works the same with everything – whether you’re selling hotdogs or creating cardboard swords, you have an indispensable need of, let’s say, a shop window. This…

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Online Jamming Is On The Rise

If you are into music and playing music you have most probably tried the Google hangout or Skype group chat once in your lifetime to jam online with your friends. And often times people try this to overcome obstacles like traffic or long distances that separate them with their bandmates or friends thinking that the technology they use and the online industry development will help them sort their problems. Guess what? In reality, these types of tools usually suck when…

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Say Hello to the Drooble Music Blog!

Drooble - All Music

Welcome to the Drooble music blog! The Drooble music blog is the official blog of drooble.com a revolutionary platform for all people who love music. The place where you will find many things related to music like music industry news, music reviews and opinion, events, album and concert reviews. At the Drooble music blog you will also find offbeat music news, photos and videos about interesting music bands, reviews and concerts and you’ll have the opportunity to discover new music…