Uploading and streaming songs on Drooble are about to change for the better

It’s part of the Drooble mission to help musician grow and encourage them to collaborate. That’s why as of today June 12th, 2018, we are making some changes which aim at:

> Better quality of the songs on the radio

Change 1: The songs you upload will no longer be automatically streamed on the Drooble radio. Instead, there will be an approval process managed by Drooble Team – your songs will receive different in text and colour labels, which show your songs’ statuses: Pending Review in yellow, Live on Radio in blue, and No broadcasting in red (Please, note that you can click on each status for more information. You will be notified every time your songs’ statuses change). These statuses will increase the overall quality and give a signal to those who need to spend more time on production – this is a good way to see if your production skills are on a radio-ready level or not yet.
Here is a complete checklist that fits perfect to our new guidelines:

  • the quality of the track should not be bad – no phone recordings, no clipping, no popping, etc.
  • your track should be of a finished and listenable music
  • your track should be at least two minutes long (we will be making exceptions to this of course)
  • you should put a legit title and info for your track – 002, demo track 7, adfsgdhg, VOICE REC., and so on are not acceptable
  • you should list proper genre/genres to your track – for example: rock, instrumental, rap, cover, etc.
  • you should add image to go with your track
  • singing and playing should be within the acceptable technical level

Change 2: Also when a song is uploaded and approved it will be streamed for free for a month. Every additional month of streaming will cost a 50 Karma points. Once your subscription is over, your song status will change from from Blue(Live on Radio) to Red(No Broadcasting). You will be notified on Drooble (or by email) to check your songs’ statuses and renew them to keep getting more plays and feedback.


> Encouraging more activity among musicians on Drooble

This is one of the pillars of Karma Economy and Karma points on Drooble.

Change 3: From now on uploading a song will cost Karma points. Every new user will get 3 song uploads for free and every song upload after that will cost a 100 Karma points. All the songs which were uploaded previously to these changes will stay uploaded and there is no need for any action from you.

We hope and believe that these changes will make Drooble even a better place for musicians – a place where quality matters, a place where your motivation, dedication, and involvement are rewarded and acknowledged.

All of this comes at a moment, when the attention and the interest in Drooble are bigger than ever – more and more people are listening to the radio and we have huge plans to expand it outside of the platform. We’ll also start advertising partnerships with some of the biggest music media in the world – Rolling Stone, Billboard, just to name a few!

Thank you for being part of Drooble!

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  1. Allan Klinbail

    So I like the idea of curating the radio, however, will artists still be able to play songs to others even if they don’t get past curation?
    My business is to help musicians by mixing for them, and aside from doing that, I am also quite happy to give constructive feedback. If musicians can’t show what they’ve done, then this is not very useful.

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