Musicians’ platform gives You an opportunity to earn money by writing reviews of other artists’ songs

We, at Drooble, are on a constant mission to provide better opportunities for musicians. Right now we are working on a new feature which will enable artists to write professional reviews and give feedback to others from the community and earn money as an additional income.

Unlike the other platforms which pay less than cents per review, Drooble will only charge a commission and the rest will go to the musicians who give the feedback.

Access will be limited in the beginning as we always rely on quality more than quantity. 40 000+ musicians already signed!

Be the first to test this tool by getting a FREE professional feedback of your song.

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  1. Dennis J Lewis

    I am interested in this

  2. It’s been fun to get to know other musicians around the world since i joined drooble, I’ve listened to a lot of authentic artists, and Me being a artist and composer myself knows the frustration of wanting to be heard….I fallow up as much as i can but being realistic, I dont quit my day job, and I keep this as a well loved hobby that I hope will inspire the ones that are destined to be grate, to come out be heard and meet your fullest potential. We are all trying to find that authentic sound that will come out powerful that the world will love. To grab acceptance that everyone is not the same and everyone may think differently there will be rejection, always remember no mater what, never give up. We are the masters of our dreams that we are making reality.


    This is an opportunity for real reviews no trollers. If this was my website I would take this very seriously as to be in the category of an Ar rep. This should be for peolpe that can understand that beimg conrtuctive does not mean being rude. Have compassion and an non judgemental approach but be fai with love of music. I hope you instill some of those values in whoever you chose. BEST OF LUCK THANK YOU DROOBLE PEACE

  4. John Paul

    I am also a musician and I’m very much interested to know about other professionals in music ….I think this is a good opportunity for me

  5. Great opportunity for musicians to feel the feedback for music they do and share on platform. Also it is a real response for activity and help people produce on this platform. Share and you gonna be shared too

  6. Arolyn

    I am a musician and songwriter. I love making music, but I love listening to it even more. I am very interested in this opportunity.

  7. It’s a welcome initiative, I believe it would lead to a better understanding of music, given the artists’ creative process is laid bare. I expect honest reviews.

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