We’ve Been Building New Platform Harmonies 

Hello, Melody Makers of Drooble!

At Drooble, our passion for music forms the beating heart of our mission — to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where musicians, educators, and industry professionals unite in celebration and mutual support. While this first update is bursting with color as we celebrate Drooble’s foundation of igniting creative transformation, there is so much more to see! 

Today, we are overjoyed to share a symphony of updates that promise to elevate your Drooble experience. 

Take Center Stage with The Ambassador Program!

Apply Now to Monetize Your Passion!

We’re introducing the exclusive Ambassador Program and extending a personal invitation for you to become a key player in shaping the future of Drooble. As an ambassador, the stage is yours to lead and inspire within our community. You’ll not only earn rewards through your crew’s purchases and product subscriptions, but also gain the exclusive ability to run promotions on select products. You read that right! Ambassadors can create personalized coupon codes to share on social media, earning commissions on every sale. This unique feature empowers you to tailor promotions to your audience’s interests, amplifying your influence and turning your passion into profit.  It’s not just a program; it’s your chance to lead, inspire, and boost your earnings with Drooble!

EPK got a Makeover: Your Profile, Your Identity!

Explore the Enhanced EPK for a Dynamic Showcase of Your Musical Identity!

Drooble’s Electronic Press Kit (EPK) has undergone a transformative journey! We’ve elevated its look and feel, giving you a dynamic toolkit to showcase your musical identity like never before. Navigate the revamped EPK to compose a lasting impression on collaborators and fans alike.

Song Reviews: Building Karma, Building Community!

Earn Karma Points and Strengthen the Drooble Community!

With this relaunch, song reviews return as a powerful tool for building karma and fostering community spirit. Share your musical thoughts, connect with fellow virtuosos, and earn karma points reflecting your valuable contribution to the vibrant Drooble ecosystem.

A Fresh Look for a Fresh Start: New User Interface and Branding!

Experience the Updated User Interface (UI) Reflecting Our Commitment to Authenticity!

Drooble’s new look and branding are here to amplify your user experience. The updated UI is a visual symphony, reflecting our unwavering commitment to authenticity, transformation, and the pure celebration of music. We put in the work so your time on Drooble is a place where artists feel at home. Dive in and experience the harmonious difference!

And now? A Thriving New Ecosystem!

Our mission remains at the heart of every update. The Ambassador Program, EPK enhancements, karma-driven song reviews, and the fresh UI contribute to building a thriving ecosystem where musicians connect, collaborate, and transform their talents into a symphony of opportunity.

Your Journey Starts Now:

  • Be the Change: Apply for the Ambassador Program and lead the way in empowering the Drooble community.
  • Compose Your Melody: Explore the enhanced EPK features and craft a compelling musical profile.
  • Grow Your Community: Immerse in karma-driven song reviews and be an integral part of the supportive Drooble culture.

Last, But Certainly Not Least: Join the Conversation!

Follow us on social media and stay tuned in to our blog. 

Get ready for a new chapter in your Drooble journey, where every note resonates with empowerment and celebrates the magic of music!

Rock on,

The Drooble Team

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