Why musicians must take full advantage of social media


As an artist or band member, do you, for any reason, dread having to maintain a public profile on social networks? Does posting and reposting content in hopes to get noticed feel like a chore, rather than something natural that seems to happen on a whim? Hey, sometimes it can be drudge work – like any sort of work, including recording, editing, and producing your own music! But if you really don’t feel hot about putting yourself and your art…


Emanuel Dos Santos a.k.a. Der3k – Passion For Electronic

16819334_1457776084233450_8162510895099784556_o (1)

About 4 years ago, Emanuel Dos Santos (Der3k) had the dream of being a singer of urban music, so he started performing reggaeton tracks. Then he discovered electronic music, a passion for being a producer was born and everything changed. Here’s how: Hey there, Emanuel! Glad to have you here. Care to introduce yourself and what you do so our readers can get to know you better? Hey! My name is Emanuel Dos Santos, I am 21 years old, I am…


Album Review: Rinko Serlier And His Last EP ‘Slow Down Sweet DUB’


Believe it or not, the Netherlands had still not been represented musically on the Drooble blog until Rinko Serlier came along. Music is an obsession for him and he tries his best to bring hope and positivity through his tunes. It’s probably weird and undoubtedly rare to see someone who combines reggae and classical music in their work, but in the case of Rinko, the two come together in a non-invasive manner, staying in separate pieces while remaining a well-integrated part…

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Musica Universalis: The Sound Of The Heavens

Harmony of the spheres Drooble (2)

A long time ago in a galaxy called the Milky Way, on a planet called Earth, there were people who believed the universe was actually a huge musical instrument. How dumb, right? Well, it turned out to be true. Before we humans got to the point where we were basically aware of what’s going on in space (‘basically’, because there’s still a ton we don’t know, thank god) we used to think our planet was surrounded by celestial spheres, which…

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How To Massage Your Throat For Vocal Warm-ups, Exercise And Recovery


Hey, Aloha, Terve, mitä kuuluu Drooblers? Markus Harju here, a swedish born multitasker in the music business – first and foremost a music producer but also a musician, songwriter and singer myself. I was born and raised in Sweden, got my ancestors and relatives in Finland and now I’m sitting here talking to you guys wherever you are in the world out there! Okay, so I was given the mission to take over the blog in this post and said…