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“An End to All” by Bredd will leave you asking for more of it


“An End to All” by Bredd is not a new record, it actually takes us back in 2016. Written by Italian singer-songwriter and musician Raffaele Pane, it’s a short but emotional journey in the realms of pop-rock. In just four tracks Bredd creates a beautiful and sincere atmosphere that carries and conveys a vast range of emotions. Starting with the beautiful piano piece “Unknown” the release doesn’t spare us the drama… or should we say melancholy? When “So Alive” kicks…

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The good old 1980s meet 21st century pop experimentalism in “33” by Bodhi


Every day we spend on Drooble we come across hundreds of artists and albums. However, people from our community never stop surprising us. We recently discovered Bodhi and gave his new album “33” a spin. Boy, we were so unprepared for the great music waiting for us on the other side of the play button. Imagine superb songwriting, perfect contemporary production, combined with tons of influences from early Genesis, Peter Gabriel why not even David Bowie and all the great…


Interview with EyE-C – A terrestrial duo making extraterrestrial music


That Guy and DJ Fathouse have been making music for just two years but have already managed to find their own sound. Believing in smart and minimal production, live instruments and real-life influences, as we’re writing this they are wrapping up their first full-length album, which is coming later this year after two EPs. Read everything they have to say about the way they started making music, the place where this has taken them and everything that lies ahead of…

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Need a fix of good ol’ rock’n’roll – play some Ron Bowes


Ron D Bowes is based in Farnborough, UK. Since the 1970s, he’s been playing rock music with a ton of bands, among which Midnight Circus, Palantir, Stag, Gambler and Sneak Preview. In his most active years as a musician he’s contributed to a ton of records before indulging in a long, we guess, needed break. However, the rock gods eventually summoned him again so Bowes eventually came back to business and is still rocking hard. In 2018 he’s rocking a…

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“Bloom” by Kamen Kolev is the warmest hip-hop album of the month


London-based producer Kamen Kolev’s “Bloom” is without a doubt your best hip-hop record for the week, especially if where you live summer is at its peak. With a ton of jazzy vibes, tight hip-hop beats and smooth bass-lines, it’s as chill as the cold water that’s saving us in the hottest months of the year. This intelligent and often funky take on hip-hop is definitely on the rise right now so, no doubt tracks like “Time”, “Bloom” or “Back” will…