Song Reviews

Flower In The Rain by Raf Jammaers


Song: Flower In The Rain by Raf Jammaers; Genre: Alternative Rock; Duration: 4:49 What’s the story and working process behind the song? Raf: The song was written while on a road trip with my sister (she’s also the singer on this song) through Norway in the summer 2016…while driving for hours in total solitude through the fantastic nature, and overthinking life , relationships, relations between people, and how hard it is to say the right words at the right time,…


Graham George On Being In The Midst Of It In The Golden Age Of Rock Guitar


One of Drooble’s experienced statesmen, Graham George has spent most of his life with a guitar in hand. A naturally gifted player, Graham was there when rock, fusion, and funk blew up with raucous stage performances and an electrifying distorted sound that left audiences dazzled. His words are some of the most interesting and inspiring pieces of prose ever put in a Drooble interview. Cheers to Graham, read on, and rock on! Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did…

Album Reviews

Shelby & The Neighbours’ The Candlestick Maker is Four Good Slaps To Yer Cheeks


Rock and roll has many forms and the one drawn up by Perth rockers Shelby & The Neighbours (conveniently shortened to SATN) is bone-crunchingly good. The trio cuts through everything we love about the genre with the mastery of a medievil executor. Steady, clockwork-like rhythm section – check! Inventive, supremely cool chord work? Oh, yeah. And then there are the vocals. You haven’t heard the kind of raw badassery oozed by singer and guitar player Jules before – just listen…


Roy Valdegria speaks of Mexico’s musical riches


Roy Valdegria is a guitar player from Mexico whose passion and drive have kept him playing rock for a long time. Having achieved success in Spain with his track “Essencia”, Rodrigo is in a good place, both musically and spiritually. He also had many good things to say about Drooble and how it’s helping him with the challenging task of promotion! Read on… How did you grow up to become the musician and composer you are today? It is mainly…


Vo.iD On Planting Your Musical Garden And The Love For Psychedelia


In this Drooble blog interview, British musician, producer and а single father Robin Clark a.k.a Vo.iD tells a profound story about re-discovering music making thanks to his young, musically talented son. That, and creating music from the heart and mind that he hopes will make people think and enjoy while taking care of a musical garden that never looks quite the same, thanks to a diverse and far-reaching musical taste. Vo.iD’s journey is inspiring and thoughtfully, humorously shared with the…