We’ve Been Building New Platform Harmonies 

Hello, Melody Makers of Drooble! At Drooble, our passion for music forms the beating heart of our mission — to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where musicians, educators, and industry professionals unite in celebration and mutual support. While this first update is bursting with color as we celebrate Drooble’s foundation of igniting creative transformation, there is so much more to see!  Today, we are overjoyed to share a symphony of updates that promise to elevate your Drooble experience.  Take Center Stage…

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Drooble Feedback Survey!

Want to be a part of the ongoing evolution of Drooble? Take a few minutes to fill out this survey to give us insight into how you use the app. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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📢 Exciting Announcement: Introducing Drooble’s New Management!

Hey there, awesome musicians of Drooble! We’re excited to introduce ourselves as the new management behind Drooble! We’re a bunch of passionate folks who live and breathe music, just like you, and we’re excited to help support and grow this amazing community. Our mission for Drooble is crystal clear: 1. Bring back the old: We heard you loud and clear – you miss the good old days, and we’re here to bring them back. Our team is hard at work…

Music Song Reviews

“In a city full of nothing” Obey Amadeus creates hip-hop music with a

Recently, mainstream hip-hop music feels more and more detached from its initial values and roots. Just like many other movements that achieve commercial success and become exposed to a wider audience, there’s a lot of hip-hop music that simply feels like nothing else but a heartless entertainment product, deprived of deeper meaning, a message, and passion. However, with so much music being released on a daily basis of course there are multiple examples of how to balance catering to a…


A life-long passion for music – Drifting to the Right by Michael Gutierrez-May

Many life events might lead to somebody’s detachment from music but, honestly, nothing can ever take away the passion and strife within them. We’ve recently discovered another proof of this statement, namely US singer-songwriter Michael Gutierrez-May. He’s been writing music since he was 16, promoting shows in the late 80s, and then taking a break from all that for over 25 years only to return to writing and releasing his own works again in 2009. He’s not only a living…