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Sailing through the majestic music of Taylor Batory


We recently had the chance to interview upcoming composer, musician and producer Taylor Batory about his background, his influences and current doings. Discovering the path he’s walked so far and his future plans, we’re more than excited to dig deeper in his actual music. Having in mind his passion for progressive rock and metal music we were certain ‘The Majestic Sailors’ will be an exciting and varying journey within the realms of intelligently written and conceptual heavy music. ‘The Majestic…

Album Reviews

King of the Blind and their atmospheric take on industrial rock


King of the Blind is a solo project by Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist Daniele Panella. His music can be loosely labeled as industrial rock but influences and elements come from as far as dark ambient, synthpop, new wave even post-punk and alternative. Released less than half a month ago, “Kingdom of The Blind” is a promising EP that features only six tracks but despite its (not that) short length, it doesn’t really stay at the same place for too long. The…


United by love and music – An Interview with Tempa and Naor Project


Tempa and Naor are partners not only in music but in life as well. United not only by their passion for music they have also been brought together by their love for each other. The result is called Tempa and Naor Project, a name under which they’ve released a debut album at the end of 2018. More about their life, upcoming tours, and approach to music find in our interview below. Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow…


Be free to take the music wherever you want to – An Interview with Randy Lodder


Randy Lodder is turning 54 this year and coming from Seattle, WA you can guess he’s grown up in the same soil with all of your favorite grunge bands and he was right in the middle of their worldwide explosion. However, his band days have long passed and he’s now sticking to making solo records and handling various mixing jobs for bands approaching him. With several decades in the business, Randy surely has some stories to share – from playing…


So much music waiting to be written – An Interview with Taylor Batory


Watching ‘School of Rock’ with his parents made Taylor Batory excited about entering the world of (rock) music. This passion brought him to eventually studying and graduating music and nowadays you’ll find him working on a plethora of solo projects but he’s also involved in handling recording and production for other people’s music. We know you’re always curious to see how young and aspiring music professionals are finding the drive to keep going in an industry that can often be…