Album Reviews

Album Review – Melancholy reaches level infinity in Snowsleep’s Being No One


Some of our longest-lasting music obsessions have back stories of being completely random discoveries. Such is the case with Snowsleep‘s Being No One. We pressed play without any preliminary research and let the music do the talking. The album is tagged downtempo, breaks, even instrumental hip-hop, but thankfully what you actually find on it is full-blown epic and extremely dramatic (in a good way) contemporary ambient. Being No One has a strong neo-classical feel, even though its sound is created…


Guest Article – Hometown Silence


As artist, we all may be familiar with the feeling. You’ve just written and recorded an awesome new single! As the file uploads, you’re full of excitement at the prospect of gaining new fans, and getting feedback from your close friends and family. The moment arrives. The artwork is done and the song is posted online. You tag all of your friends and family, sit back, and wait. Only to find that…nothing happens. That person you just messaged who seemed…


Here’s How to Get Your Songs Back on the Radio


It’s been exactly one month since we changed our policies for uploading and streaming songs on Drooble. We want to provide you with better opportunities for growth by creating a culture of mutual support between musicians and these changes are important step towards our goal. Thank you all for the support and trust on the path of improvements. Since it’s been a month, today a lot of songs are getting off the radio because their free broadcast is over. Some…


Interview – Seraphyne talks about her music making journey


Seraphyne‘s story must be familiar to many of you. She always wanted to make music, so she bought a laptop and a copy of Logic Pro X, then got to it – learning along the way and tweaking things until it all started coming together. When not making music, she’s actively learning and dreaming of playing her first live show when the right time comes. Seraphyne makes music with the noble, humble goal of making one feel something good and…


Interview – Tomas Wille on the emotional impact of music


Not unlike many of you reading this, Tomas Wille aka PANTA dreams of becoming a cinematic composer. He knows full well how the right soundtrack can make a scene all the more moving and memorable. Fully devoted to his craft, he practices composing and live looping while focusing on improving his piano and production skills. In this interview, the budding soundtrack maker talks at length about his songwriting process, his production setup, and what keeps him going through the inevitable…