What does music management look like in 2017? An Interview with UAC Management


Our interview with UAC Management may be one of the most important things you have ever read on the Drooble blog. Being the founder of an international artist management company, Hristo Penchev has lots of illuminating thoughts on the matter! From what a music manager does in 2017 to what separates the successful, professional artists from all the wannabees out there, with all the inevitable drama and pressure that gets mixed in with the many good times.Consider this interview a…

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5 Common Mistakes in Searching for a New Bandmate


It sounds exciting looking for a person to share your passion with. Finding a new bandmate can be fun, but it’s also daunting. You need someone to fit in with your style and vibe whilst also bringing something of their own to the band. Need someone? Do it properly! Here, I* shall discuss the top 5 common mistakes you can make while searching for a new bandmate. On Friendly Terms “Oh go on, give my brother Paul a try, he’s…


Album Review: Nihilaeth wants to annihilate your apperception of modern metal

nihilaeth logo

The wonderful people of France have provided us with some legitimately great metal over the years, so it’s not surprising at all to hear Bordeaux’s Nihilaeth freakin’ kill it on the 8-string guitar – and then some more! The one-man band presents an original and refreshing vision for modern metal by forging a sound that’s heavily electronic. As much as good ol’ heavy metal is being experimented upon, it’s still rare to hear guitar-driven grooves sound this digital! Not that…


Derek’s Dreamland EP – 5 tunes of dubstep so cheerful, it should be prescribed by therapists


There’s clearly something in Argentinian waters that makes young producers bust out the smoothest electronica known to mankind. Last week, we dealt with Botanic Cat’s mega-chill house tunes and had such a good time, we had to ask for more. And the musical universe delivered – Emanuel Dos Santos (Derek)’s Dreamland EP is an absolute breeze! Dreamland is 5 tunes worth of relaxing, uplifting electronic beats. Listening to them feels like walking on clouds. And while they do make for…

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7 of the best modern social networks musicians flock to – and why they are still worth the bother!


You are a musician or a fan of music. You want to get on social networks to reach out to fans or keep up with your favorite artists? Where do you go in this day and age? Well, what do you know – we happen to have some wonderful ideas! The 7 social networks we listed below are all places where you can share and present your music while engaging with fans and fellow musicians to get feedback and improve…