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Music to play in the cold winter nights – The Enchanted Door by Vales Elia


Vales Elia is a UK duo that works within the field of folk music but is also heavily influenced by darkwave and new age. Their latest release ‘The Enchanted Door’ is one of those records that appeared late in December 2018 and here we are making sure they are not lost in the avalanche of holiday releases, deals, promos and whatnot. Honestly, Vales Elia couldn’t have picked a better time for this record. On our side of the world is…

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The three faces of ‘48 Hours’ by Intensia

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We’ve recently interviewed Intensia, a Munich-based artist and she caught our attention not only for her dedication to her own music but for the fact she’s also sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and skill she’s gathered in nearly two decades of doing music by being a vocal coach. So definitely give the interview a chance but now let’s focus on ‘48 Hours’, the latest offering from this German artist. Intensia is working mostly in the field of rock music, which in…

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Emme Aranda is having fun on 50/50 and you should do that too!


We’ll be short and sweet on this one because… well, because it’s a short and sweet release. Actually, don’t let the track count deceive you because ‘50/50’ might be comprised of only 5 tracks but two of them go beyond the 10-minute mark. Maybe because Austin-based composer and producer Emme Aranda’s coming from a background in ambient and industrial music the pieces are long-form compositions that take significantly longer than your typical pop music to unfold and grow in their…

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Yo, Chad Carman is back with another fix of other-worldly hip-hop mixtape


It was not too long ago when we took a closer look at experimental hip-hop artist Chad Carman’s epic mixtape Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters with Boom Bappin B-Music™. This time he’s sent us over a shorter record that also brings us back to 2016. In ‘Carny Barker’s Mix Tape Circus™’ Chad is taking us in a realm as intensive as expected from him. For those still not familiar with this creative genius Carman calls his work…

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Soul Filter are creating beautiful worlds in ‘A Minor Conspiracy’


Soul Filter is a duo by Karen and Mike Penton who are not just playing music somewhere between indie, alternative and pop rock but are actually skillfully combining all those genres in something of their own. ‘A Minor Conspiracy’ is their brand new LP and it saw the light of day mid-December 2018. It’s always tricky to put out a record in the last weeks of the year as it’s a wild time and people are overwhelmed with stuff to…