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The Musician’s Self-assessment Checklist

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You’re about to send your music on its most important mission – to conquer the hearts and minds of listeners all around the globe. You’ve spent hours writing, recording, mixing and practicing it but before seeing what fans and critics from all kinds of backgrounds and tastes have to say about your work it might be a great idea to look at it from a few more angles. We present you The Musician’s Self-Assessment Checklist. 1. Let it sit for…


Becoming a better person through music – Interview with Dane Pollard


New Orleans-based musician Dane Pollard is just 17 years old but has already spent five years of his life making music. Active both in bands and as a solo artist he’s treating music not only as a creative outlet or a way to challenge himself but as a means to become a better person in his every day life. Learn all about the goals and struggles of a young man striving to be a musician in the harsh realities of…


Building a music legacy to be proud of – Interview with RayDaChef


RayDaChef is a hip-hop producer who happens to be coming from a super curious background. A former frontman of a metal band, then a part of the skateboarding community which as we all know gravitates more around the punk scene he’s been through a lot of subcultures and scenes which helped him create a style and sound of his own. Collaborating with numerous artists and writing and producing for his wife, his music is emotion-driven and always taking him out…

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Everyone Wins with Drooble at The International Songwriting Competition 2018


This year’s edition of The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is going to be huge and you have only a couple of days to submit your track! The already extended deadline for ISC 2018 is November 5 and it’s your chance to enter the competition and have your music heard by world-acclaimed artists and top tier industry professionals. The ISC is open to both amateur and professional songwriters, if you’ve already applied with some of your tracks you can use this…


This is Where I Make Music – YouTube Featured Video

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November is here and the autumn is at its midst (at least where the Drooble HQ are), so we guess it’s time to let you know who won last month’s YouTube Featured Video Contest, right? We asked you to show us an official music video for a song of yours and as any other time we got some awesome submissions, but the 3 winners we chose are: Agnes Milewski with “Soma”, Kafetti with “Up in Here”, and Funkturm with “ONIL”!…