An Espil – the personality and creative process of one really charming musician


Аn Espil says that If she wasn’t a musician, she would be an architect. She thought she would be a painter while dreaming as a child, but she realised it is not her thing. And the music world should feel blessed about it. You can find out why we are so sure and positive just by reading our interview with An below: How would you describe your style? Well if it’s about my personal style, I would say I don’t…


Interview – Mike Keith and his fascinating Bodhi of music


Bodhi is the musical alter-ego of Mike Keith, a London-based musician armed with a guitar and a soft voice that almost appears unnatural when projected from his burly frame. His music is emotional and deeply spiritual, though it’s quite far from anything you’d hear at a massage parlor. Frankly, we find his art rather mesmerizing, so we tactfully attempted to tap into his consciousness with a bunch of questions. Thankfully, he didn’t leave any of them unanswered… How did you…

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Brutal Assault 2017 – a festival where you eat cockroaches, drinking water is forbidden, and everything’s a blast! (Part 2)


Brutal Assault sounds great, and it is, no question. But there are ways of ruining the party, and funny enough, both have to do with water! One is the complete absence of drinkable water on the festival ground. The only H20 you’ll be seeing are the bottles carted for the tents and personnel. Bringing your own life juice is out of the question, so you’ll have to substitute with non-alcoholic beverages… or alcoholic, if drinking tea and lemonade isn’t metal…

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Brutal Assault 2017 – a festival where you eat cockroaches, drinking water is forbidden, and everything’s a blast! (Part 1)

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Let us not kid ourselves – summer sucks! It sucks raw and hard, like a beginner trombone player would suck on their mouthpiece. There’s nothing at all likeable about the blistering heat, the awkward tan, the downpour of sweat, or hearing Despacito for the thousandth time. Okay, there may be two things to save summer from itself – ice cream, and festivals! And, since it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy your ice cream year-round (especially during winter!), that leaves us with…


Sebastian a.k.a Learn By Sight


Giving artists the spotlight is something we love doing at Drooble. This time, you get to hear from  Sebastian Howarth a.k.a Learn by Sight. A resident of South Africa, his craft is making captivating folk tunes that sound like short musical stories. His sonorous acoustic guitar arrangements and airy voice that seems to fill the entire room are an ideal medium for his tales to come through. We went ahead and asked Sebastian some questions… Hello, Sebastian! Tell us, how…