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This Is Me reveals another side of Nicky Moyle’s music


We were recently listening to Nicky Moyle and his Sound Poems for the Soul. It was a curious electronic downtempo release coming from a Bridgend-based rock’n’roll guitarist who’s been playing in The Last Chance Heroes for 20 years now. While the aforementioned release definitely surprised us in a nice way we were still curious to hear more from Moyle’s rock persona. So here’s ‘This Is Me’. It’s a nice little collection of original tunes by Moyle and a bunch of…

Album Reviews

Almost a century of rock’n’roll history put together in one album


Fervid are based in Dordrecht, Netherlands and trust us on this one, they are not your typical rock band. Imagine the absolutely legendary vibe of The Beatles but performed with the energy of grunge. Now apply to this the punchy and emotional production of your favorite alternative rock bands. Sounds cool, right? The best thing about this is that we’re not daydreaming or hallucinating. We just finished listening to How? by Dutch trio Fervid and believe it or not they…


Music as a form of communication – Interview with Nick Cody


Having grown up in the 1970s under the influence of some of the greatest songwriters of all time, Nick Cody is on a mission to reach the hearts of people across the world with his music. A full-time communication therapist, but a passionate musician and collector of musical instruments his work relies not only on self-discipline and passion but on collaboration, dialog and the exploration of known and unknown music tools. Read more about Nick in our brand new interview…


The labyrinths of music – Interview with Leandro Polack


Argentinian guitarist and song-writer Leandro Polack started his long-going connection with music way before he could even write or read. Decades later, he’s a skillful guitar player with the ambition to become better and better. Juggling between playing in a band and writing and producing his solo works we took the time to chat with him about this inspirations, writing process and goals in music. Here’s what he shared with us. Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did you…


Life as inspiration – Interview with John Knight


Growing up in the 1960s in Chicago, John Knight was constantly surrounded by music. This passion has not only managed to keep him out of trouble but gave his life a direction he’s still pursuing to this very day. Passionate about anything from blues to progressive rock you might catch Knight contributing guitars even to his son’s hip-hop solo project. A productive and always willing to experiment with his own means and approaches he’s a musician we’re glad to have…