10 surefire ways to gain exposure and make money with your music online


Does making a living with your music sound like an impossible dream? If you think it’s not possible, you will never make it. We understand you, though – as a 100% do-it-yourself musician, it feels like you are fighting a battle all alone, with slim chances of success. Are you really alone, though? There are millions out there like you. If we, musicians, helped each other out by sharing our music between ourselves and the people we know, getting noticed…


5 tips to be more satisfied with what you play and record


It happens all too often, doesn’t it – you just can’t end up satisfied with what you put down, no matter how many hours you spend trying to extract your best performance and record it impeccably. You end up feeling disappointed in yourself, questioning your passion for music and abandoning plenty of perfectly fine sounding recordings and ideas because, as it turns out, you are quite the little perfectionist! Don’t worry, it’s common among all artistic types. Drooble users know…


TheoryBoard is a MIDI controller that takes all the guesswork out of music theory


While modern music-making technology has made it reasonably easy for just about anyone to get some tunes going – mostly electronica-flavored ones – it still mostly feels like training wheels. Knowledge of theory and harmony, or a well-honed set of musical ears is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to producing music. Musical education has enjoyed plenty of progress since the days of stern piano teachers beating your fingers with a ruler. Theory books are highly…


5 tips to rule at musical improvisation


Being able to improvise convincingly is a telltale mark of having mastered a musical instrument. You have probably seen your favorite players lose themselves into awesome solos they made up on the spot, and of course you want to do this too! But the road to learning improvisation can be tough and confusing. Luckily, Drooble users have a little roadmap with 5 useful tips for adventurers like you. Take the advice and, no matter what instrument you play, those improvisational…


Tomas Sandanus will rock your Slovak socks off


Teacher, guitar player, producer – Tomas Sandanus does it all, and that’s only his occupations listed. Sonically, the Zilina, Slovakia-based musician also covers rock, blues, jazz, indie, and pretty much anything else you throw at him thanks to an undiscriminating love for rock guitar and influences from all the right people – Frusciante, Mayer, Clapton, Hendrix, May, Gilmore, and plenty more six-string elder statesmen. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Tomas about his life as a musician in Slovakia,…