New stuff headed to Drooble – faster website, radio playlists, and more!


Greetings, Drooblers! In order to succeed with our mission of bringing together musicians over the globe, Drooble needs to be the best it can be. That’s why we are always listening and looking for ways to improve the social network’s user experience. There’s lots of new stuff in the making to look forward to. So much, that we felt like giving you a glimpse at the coming awesomeness! Here are some nice things we’ve just released: 1. Thanks to our…


It’s difficult to rise above the noise | Brian Hazard from Passive Promotion


We were lucky to meet Brian Hazard. He is a well-known artist with over 20 years of experience promoting his 9 Color Theory albums. Brian is also a mastering engineer (and owner of Resonance Mastering) in Huntington Beach, California. We had a word with him and thought it will be a great idea to share the talk with you. His Passive Promotion blog emphasizes “set it and forget it” methods of music promotion, along with a few tips on mixing.…


6 things every indie music lover wants their favourite artist to know


In the current time it has become very easy for everyone to access and contact any other person present in any part of the world. People have been connected globally with the help of social media. Then in such circumstances communicating with your favourite celebrities has become a lot easier. By following them on their social media accounts you get to know about the things happening in their lives and also about their daily lives. There are certain things that…


Owain has had 2 major heart operations in one life time, and his passion has always been music.


Owain Williams says “I’am lucky to be here after all I been through in life. Music has helped me a lot, to get through hard times”. He really likes to experiment with electronica-influenced hip-hop beats. If this doesn’t sound rare enough, he grew up as a metalhead in the UK, taking in all that Iron Maiden and 80’s heavy metal goodness. We had to ask him how he turned the way he is now plus some other music making questions.…


Composer Daniel Goldstein on the music that comes from within


Daniel Goldstein is an 18-year old Israeli composer and arranger with a wide and diverse taste in music. He grew up on equal parts classical music and 80s pop to become a beast of an indie musician who lives and breathes music. Daniel is the kind of passionate, devoted guy we’ll always love to have on Drooble, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask him a bunch of questions. Naturally, he came up with the most interesting answers! Check…