Interesting Music Talks

Replay: Italian Funk Is Pretty Darn Awesome

Replay Drooble Cover

Hey Drooblers! We’ve got a great treat for you today – an Italian band called Replay. As you might have guessed from the title, they’re in the funk department. If you didn’t get this from the title, I’m really not sure what to tell you… ANYWAY. We found these guys on Drooble and thought their music was pretty sweet, so, as any good Samaritans would have done, we decided to share it with you. When we found out half the band was…


‘Pure Tone Amps’: A Talk with Michalis Serpetsidakis


Hello Drooblers! Today we are introducing a special kind of an artist. His name is Michalis Serpetsidakis and he is a man who crafts his own sound, literally! His handmade tube amplifiers – “Pure Tone Amps” give you an amazing and vintage sound with great clarity. You can hear one of the amps in action HERE. We are very happy that such interesting and creative people are joining us in Drooble! A lot of kids want to be astronauts, policemen,…

Interesting Music Talks

Tani In The Here And The Now

Yolanda niceto por norberto ayala (1)

  You know what? Almost everyone deserves a lesson in spontaneity every now and then. Almost. There are also those very few who actually give the lessons. One such individual is Tristana Wolf a.k.a. Tani. Tristana made an album and she did it as naturally as humanly possible – alone, in her room. At first, she wanted to record the whole thing again to get better quality but then decided to go with the raw product. It’s called Uturnis and it’s charming. Just…


Big update soon. Drooble is becoming much more interesting and community oriented


If you have been around in the past months, and by around I mean on Drooble, you might have seen a bunch of these short gifs we posted, showing people discussing specific music topics, asking and answering particular questions about instruments, playing, gear and such. Well, а big change is coming up on your favorite music social network. Your newsfeed is about to become more organized, more intuitive and more useful. Sure, these are some big statements but hear me…


Changing The World With Creativity And Music: A Talk With Thorsten Huber

Thorsten Huber

Hey Drooblers! It’s time for another Karma interview with a very active member of the global Drooble community! Thorsten Huber is a musician and songwriter from Germany. He prides himself in working with lightning speed and he describes his creative process accordingly: “think, play, listen and fire.” He enjoys playing in front of a live audience whenever he can and his loving family supports him in his musical endeavors. We’ll let you enjoy his thoughts but make sure you pay special…