20 different types of guitars that made music history


Guitarists are constantly looking for ways to stretch their concept of what the instrument can do, in order to make their sound more unique. If you’re looking for some inspiration, each of the famous artists below show that there really isn’t a limit to the variety of musical expressions one can create on the guitar. From Jimmy Page’s double-neck electric to Ed Sheeran’s miniature acoustic, the possibilities on the guitar are endless. Click around the infographic below to see and…

Song Reviews

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise by Asen Mihaylov


Song: Softly As In A Morning Sunrise by Asen Mihaylov ; Genre: Jazz; Duration: 3:35 What Drooble Team thinks about “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise”? The piece is astonishing, it catches the listener right from the start! With that elegant yet fastening intro, it is such a classy build-up! We love the great details in the rhythm section and the precision of everyone playing. We would love to see this performed live! The experiment with the dynamics is also…


Kemit Price’s Roots in Music


Kemit Price has spent his life deeply immersed in music. He’s now jumpstarting a career in roots reggae, having put out his first solo single, “Liberation”. Kemit wants to send positive messages with his songs, giving people hope and peace. Join him in his noble efforts and hear his story, told in this poignant Drooble interview. Hello, Mr. Price! Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow up to become the musician you are today? I grew up in…


Tomasz Frankiewicz, the one-man band from Poland


Tomasz Frankiewicz is a one-man band who plays the guitar, bass, drums, piano and sings. We always love the chance to talk to a multi-instrumentalist who’s dedicated to their craft. Tomasz is very inspired and listens to a variety of music, producing clever tunes on a simple setup. However, he eschews playing live in favor of staying in the studio up to the late hours of the day, harnessing technology to turn its potential into compelling musical compositions. Read our…


Gary Spicer on the relationship between gummi bears and electronica


Gary Spicer is a friendly fella who finds inspiration in electronic music and gummi bears. Playing multiple instruments, he doesn’t let accidents like a cymbal stand falling down or lack of inspiration stop him from performing. In addition, he played the drums for various heavy metal bands and is currently working on an album. Gary is a very interesting character and we are delighted to have him interviewed for the Drooble blog! Here it goes… How did you grow up…