Song Reviews

Wanna Get Better by Volcano Kid


When it comes down to the details in Volcano Kid’s music, there are many of his works that one can only describe as cross-genre, perhaps even fusion. When listening to it, you’re not always sure it fits any specific musical zone. The spoken lines, a typical feature of his work, are sufficiently poetic and lyrical without having to be sung. This particular track sounds like an old analogue live recording where the idiosyncrasies of specific instruments can clearly be heard…


Ian Suter on dreaming big with a guitar strapped across the shoulder


Ian Suter is a rocker from Argentina with big ambitions, goals, and dreams – just the kind of musician we’d go out of our way to feature on Drooble. When he isn’t busy answering interview questions, he can be found rocking with his band, 710, recording, and practicing to, hopefully, take over the world – musically, at least! Read on and enjoy what this fascinating persona has to say! We are sure many of you guitar players will be able…

Album Reviews

Mark Harrington plays some wonderfully exotic guitar in Tower of Papel


Mark Harrington is quite the character. Born in New Zealand, he currently resides in distant Patagonia, Argentina, spending his days making music and musical instruments. There’s a special quality to building the very instrument you are performing with – ask guys like Ron Jarzombek or his royalty Brian May. 

It certainly contributes to your music’s exclusivity, for one thing. And Mr. Harrington’s instrumental tunes are indeed exclusive. Atmosphere is the word here, garnished with world-class technical performance and enviable melodic…


Music Tips That Every Musician Needs To Know


Making music is awesome. No discussion. But the whole process of creating your first song and share it with the world contains a lot of steps. Some steps are very difficult to start with, others are fairly easy. We will talk about the easy ones, for now, just to get started. Here are 10 music tips that every musician, current or future member of Drooble, should know: Tip 1: Start with the end in mind, try to see where you…


The Icon of the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment Scene


David Oscar is something of an icon in the Ghanaian Arts and Entertainment scene. Although his biggest accomplishment is leading the GHComedy movement that revitalized the Ghanaian stand-up comedy scene, his musical expression as a reggae artist is no less prolific. In just three years, David got to collaborate with the likes of local music superstar Afriyie Wutah and 2014 BAFTA Awards winner for spoken word performance LyricL Da Nkechi. It also doesn’t hurt that David is quite the character…