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Build Your Music Brand: 7 Ways an Online Merch Store Helps

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On top of writing and recording your music, planning tours, and playing shows, there’s a lot to keep track of as a band. But there’s something else that needs your attention, and it’s often overlooked: your brand. Without effectively building your brand, your music won’t make it nearly as far. So, what’s the best way to create a brand around your music? One of the best, and most profitable things you can do is create an online store for selling…

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5 Ways to Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing blog

Would you attempt to run a 5k without stretching first? For most people, the answer to that question is easy: of course not! Running is a physical exercise that requires loosening of the muscles in order to prevent injury. In the same way, singing requires a little bit of work on the front end, before jumping right into that challenging song or solo. For singers, your body is your instrument, and you should treat it as such by properly taking…

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Sailing through the majestic music of Taylor Batory


We recently had the chance to interview upcoming composer, musician and producer Taylor Batory about his background, his influences and current doings. Discovering the path he’s walked so far and his future plans, we’re more than excited to dig deeper in his actual music. Having in mind his passion for progressive rock and metal music we were certain ‘The Majestic Sailors’ will be an exciting and varying journey within the realms of intelligently written and conceptual heavy music. ‘The Majestic…

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King of the Blind and their atmospheric take on industrial rock


King of the Blind is a solo project by Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist Daniele Panella. His music can be loosely labeled as industrial rock but influences and elements come from as far as dark ambient, synthpop, new wave even post-punk and alternative. Released less than half a month ago, “Kingdom of The Blind” is a promising EP that features only six tracks but despite its (not that) short length, it doesn’t really stay at the same place for too long. The…


United by love and music – An Interview with Tempa and Naor Project


Tempa and Naor are partners not only in music but in life as well. United not only by their passion for music they have also been brought together by their love for each other. The result is called Tempa and Naor Project, a name under which they’ve released a debut album at the end of 2018. More about their life, upcoming tours, and approach to music find in our interview below. Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow…