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David Andrew Wiebe – You Get What You Work For!


David Andrew Wiebe is a multi-talented guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Having recorded his first solo album in 2006, he has since contributed his talents to the likes of Andrew Riches, Jonathan Ferguson and The Active Light. He began a journey of personal development in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. He engages in books and audio on a daily basis. Wiebe believes in working daily towards the achievement of his own dreams and goals, and his purpose is to enable and…

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Album Review: Dead Gorilla.Origins.


Robert, a.k.a. Dead Gorilla isn’t monkeying around when it comes to making music. Rather, the German guitar player is headed down the well-trodden path of the modern musician in their twenties. Main objective, spend years getting to rule on guitar! Secondary assignment, learn as much about recording off the internet as you possibly can – preferably without going insane. Efforts like this tend to culminate into a bunch of YouTube videos and at least an album’s worth of original music.…


Free Electronic Press Kit Powered By Drooble


At Drooble, we’re on an endless mission to figure out the best ways to help artists connect with each other and make their breakthrough. One of the puzzle’s many pieces is putting together a bomb press-kit – your bio, contact information, music, photos, logos, and other assets presenting your band or project! Without one, you’d struggle to get coverage and attention from media, promoters, and label representatives. Come on, put yourself in the shoes of a journalist. Will you be…

Music Reviews

Album Review: Italian Guitar Player Diego Gencarelli Takes Us On An Acoustic Trip To Where Pinguini Biomeccanici Live


In an era where technology has made it possible to produce over-the-top music with an intensity to completely overwhelm your senses, Italian guitar maestro Diego Gencarelli opted for a back-to-basics approach. His first solo record, Pinguini Biomeccanici, is literally him picking up an acoustic guitar and telling musical stories. No studio trickery or other instruments take part in this conquest whatsoever. Yet, nothing at all appears to be missing. This is a raw and genuine account of a devoted guitar…


Why musicians must take full advantage of social media


As an artist or a band member, do you, for any reason, dread having to maintain a public profile on social networks? Does posting and reposting content in hopes to get noticed feel like a chore, rather than something natural that seems to happen on a whim? Hey, sometimes it can be drudge work – like any sort of work, including recording, editing, and producing your own music! But if you really don’t feel hot about putting yourself and your…