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Three decades later McVey & Williams are taking us on the “Long Road Home”


After a long day spent listening (and reviewing) music we get to “Long Road Home” by McVey & Williams. We open their Drooble page to do our casual background check and wow, just wow. It seems the record we’re about to listen has been 34 years in the making. Yes, this rock’n’roll album is actually older than a huge part of our user base. How cool is that? We won’t go too much into detail about how it’s possible to…

Album Reviews

Haste Publika from Portugal will take you on a 26-years-long journey with their music


Haste Publika is Portuguese rock band formed back in 1992. And even if they look like your typical stadium rock band playing their 2014 record “NinguéM Disse Que Seria FáCil” it seems their music has been through a lot. The whole record feels not exactly as an album as each track carries its own sound, its own production, and atmosphere. We’d say that it’s more of a journey through time showcasing everything Haste Publika have wanted to create. We have…

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Mike Borgia or 20 years of more and more and more rock’n’roll problems


New York-based musician and songwriter Mike Borgia has been involved in music for over 20 years and his discography spans over 15 albums with a plethora of musicians involved. However, among his latest endeavors, you’ll find his releases as Mike Borgia & The Problems. Their latest common effort is called “MORE MORE MORE”. It’s a five-track EP of rock’n’roll influenced alternative with a strong blues vibe. The tracks are almost punk music – short and equally straight-forward. Even if they’re…

Album Reviews

The cinematic world of Benedict Roff-Marsh and his Unmade Movies


We are 100% sure that everybody who’s ever attempted to record and release ambient music had to use at least once the description ‘it’s like film music but without the film’. We are now listening to Brisbane-based composer and producer Benedict Roff-Marsh and his most recent release “Unmade Movies” and it seems he’s turned this notion into the actual concept for the record. Unmade Movies features nine vast synth-based soundscapes in the vein of Berlin School music but with a…


In a world so divided at least we have music – Interview with Edward Joseph


Equally influenced by indie and emo music, Edward Joseph is an upcoming singer-songwriter you should definitely keep an eye on if you’re on Drooble. If not we dare you to get connected right away. With a history in bands, Edward has eventually decided to pursue a solo career. Why and how is he making this happen – learn in our interview with him! Hello! Tell the world about yourself. How did you grow up to become the musician you are…