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Auramancer shows us The Only Way To Fail is through rad alternative rock


The spirit of early ’00s alternative rock is alive and well in Auramancer’s inspired five-song EP. Titled The Only Way To Fail, it drips with atmosphere, layered vocals, and experimental instrumentation. While a comparison to A Perfect Circle appears inevitable, Auramancer is much more than its obvious inspirations. Above all, the Belgian band’s music is creative, dark, and sensual. For example, Tree Of Love, the third song, begins with the sounds of a music box before transpiring into a tune…


Fernando Triff and his dream of winning a Grammy


Based in Sao Paulo, Fernando Triff is a hip-hop and rock artist — an uncanny combination, but one anyone with a high amount of musical talent can handle. In his spare time, he also does band management and collaborates with various rappers and producers. Fernando has been at it for at least 10 years now, so he has a lot to say about making music, the state of the local scene, and his aspirations. We caught him just before his…

Album Reviews

XXL Blues plays king-sized tunes on second full-length


If you ever doubted that blues music is a language of the soul which knows no boundaries, check out Portugal’s XXL Blues. They play raucous, rocking, king-sized blues-rock numbers with heaps of attitude and loudness levels approaching the limits of human hearing. XXL Blues II, the sequel to their self-titled full length, contains 10 songs of pure badassery, sung mostly in Portuguese. The tempo is lively, the mood is playful, and the tunes rock hard. Our only gripe with the…

Album Reviews

Tom Repasky is nearly 70 and his electronica album will warp your mind


At 69 years old, Tom Repasky is an elder statesman of music making whose beefy electronic tunes put modern cookie-cutter EDM producers to shame. Spring 2018, his latest album, features no less than 17 densely layered and orchestrated, richly textured, very complex and intricate instrumental songs. Their chaotic brilliance and unpredictable structure reminds us of the greatness that is Aphex Twin and we can’t help but be bewildered by Tom’s keen understanding of music technology. He can probably teach university…

Off Beat

How what was ugly bloomed some pretty petals


Today we publish a guest piece by one our Drooble users from Edmonton, Canada Devyn Anthony – it’s a confession and a very personal story about the power of music. For whatever reason, a sizable portion of my life, I have been overly aware and ashamed at the ugliness much of humanity is intentionally entangled in. I have never been quite able to fathom the absurdities and they certainly have been on an exponentially outrageous rise. A case of recent…