Depart on a Bounty Hunt Voyage for Drooble Karma


Since we recently launched our new tool – Song Reviews – Drooble karma points have become more desired than ever. As we are dedicated to provide better opportunities for musicians we have now prepared a new program that can easily help you earn Karma and spend it on useful tools. We will create an exclusive weekly pool of 10 000 karma points which will be granted to the artists who claim them after performing any of the following actions: Add…

Album Reviews

Singer-songwriter Edward Joseph takes us back to “2013”


Edward Joseph is a young singer-songwriter hailing from North Attleboro, MA. He caught our ears with his 2013 EP whose remade version we found via his Drooble profile. It’s a brief introduction to his work as it features only three tracks that are actually refined versions of music he put released five years ago. We really love it when artists sit on their material for a bit, let it breathe and keep find it exciting to be working with it.…


All you need is four chords and a big heart – Interview with Burning Trace


Burning Trace is an upcoming punk rock band from Germany. We had the chance to chat with their guitar player and singer Nico about their influence, their place in the local scene, the way they write music and the importance of playing music with your best friend at every possible show you can be booked on. Here’s how three punk rock kids from Germany make it happen in the music world. Get inspired! Hello! Tell the world about yourself. Hello,…


Music makes us better people – Interview with Marc Sapolin


Marc Sapolin has discovered the urge to create music back in the 1970s. A self-taught guitarist whose first shows happened right during the birth of punk music, he’s now switched to writing music with the help of the new technologies. Always open to new collaborations and determined that music is an advanced way of communication, he’s been kind enough to let us in his world in this brief but meaningful interview. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as…