Genre Fusion is Nicolas Silva’s Calling in My Own Atonement


Nicolas Silva likes to mix genres that seemingly have nothing at all to do with each other. But his way of doing things easily proves that music isn’t something defined by boundaries, but rather a language shared by everyone out there creating songs and melodies. It’s a wonderful thing that few dare explore and push to its limits. But sticking comfortably to the framework of a single style definitely isn’t in Nicolas’s forte. Rather, he gets all his favorite genres…


2thoughts Explores The Depths Of Humanity on “What It’s All About?


UK three-piece 2thoughts is as ambitious as a singer-songwriter outfit can get in an age where the means for recording, producing, and promoting are almost entirely within musicians’ hands. Following their debut record 8 Clicks, which we noted for its deep atmosphere and immaculate production, the trio has come up with a 6-song EP whose title asks the existential question of “What’s It All About?” While this work of art does not provide a definite answer, it does give you…


Juxta & Grand Space Adventure’s “I Want To Live In A Machine” is where rock and electronica collide


Genre fusion is a tricky beast. Not only is it difficult to make radically different styles of music work together, but purists often attack such work because it’s so non-conforming. Yet, artists never seem to stop their creative riot, juxtaposing so-called opposites like electronica and rock. That’s the central aesthetic of “I Want To Live In a Machine”, a record by Juxta & Grand Space Adventure. Done in just four days, the 13-song album captures 96 hours of constant inspiration,…

Off Beat

5 mindset must-haves, for artists and singer-songwriters

infographic mindsets

It goes without saying that to be a successful artist you must have talent and experience. You’ll also be honing your skills for many many years – practicing, performing, recording, promoting, learning skills and taking action. The other area not to be underestimated is your mindset. Here are 5 key mindset must-haves to help you progress your career. – Clarity of Vision – Your Inner Circle – Money Mindset – Creative Process – Your Artistic Identity 1. Clarity of Vision…


Zurab Kostava on genre hopping and Tbilisi, Georgia’s peculiar music scene


Zurab Kostava is a musician and composer from Tbilisi, Georgia. His keen ear for music has led him towards genres as diverse as electronica, jazz, classical, rock, and R&B. There’s lots to be said about finding something interesting and inspiring in any style of music, and Zurab has a natural gift for doing so. We took the opportunity to ask him about genre hopping, his view on the music scene in Tbilisi, the musical projects he’s currently into, his production…