A hopeless romantic or an art punk? – Interview with PS Perkins


Having been through it all – from hardcore punk to the massive grunge wave and finally reaching a contemporary narrative-heavy take on art rock, PS Perkins is an interesting artist, a multi-faced musician who we can wholeheartedly present as a person who lives and breathes music. Always feeling like the strange kid in all scenes he’s been involved in, we’re glad to PS Perkins finally being able to explore the music he’s always wanted to explore and also having his…

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The Captivating Ambiance of NNYz? in Their Second Kahvi Collective Release


Finland’s Kahvi Collective is a label that inhabits only the digital world but in its 20+ years of existence has surely become a staple in electronic music. In over 400 releases Kahvi has managed to retain an astonishing quality of their output while remaining incredibly prolific. This is why we are approaching ‘Aetiology’ by NNYz? already pretty convinced this will be a fine addition to their catalog and to the collection of any electronic music nerd, of course, done Kahvi-style.…


Just me and an acoustic guitar – Interview with Mr. Tom


With over 35 years of experience in the music industry, Thomas Rawding aka Mr. Tom is an artist and a person that we can learn a lot from. A multi-instrumentalist, a singer and composer he’s been through it all – from playing band shows, to playing solo, writing licensing music to reviewing music gear and being involved in music journalism. For sure a man that knows how to keep himself busy, but the real question is how it all started…

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Dive deep in Bloom’s Taxonomy’s ‘Bitter Lake’


It wasn’t too long ago when we took a first glimpse at Bloom’s Taxonomy’s work. The first offering of the London-based solo electronic project gave us a hint of the sound that he’s been after and hopefully our review managed to attract some attention to his masterful experiments or should we say explorations of the fragile realms of IDM, experimental, ambient and glitchy downtempo music. ‘Bitter Lake’ is the second Bloom’s Taxonomy EP. Despite the fact we’re looking at it…


What’s next is the unknown – Interview with Onno Kestens


Onno Kestens’ relationship with music started just like it did for many of us – thanks to our parents’ listening habits and tastes. Then came the guitar lessons, then the first high school bands and finally the desire (and freedom) to write music only for yourself. Currently focused on his upcoming solo album ‘Day of Electricity’, scheduled for June 2019, we had the chance to briefly chat Kestens and find out more about him and how can the unknown be…