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Mike Mccleary doesn’t crumble under the Weight of the Truth


Mike Mccleary is a guitar player and singer-songwriter from Canada who has a gift for the blues. Weight of the Truth is one of his full-length records which, at 13 songs length, is a full-bodied piece of art. Mike uses his smoothly composed blues rock and folk-tinged instrumentals as the backdrop for lyrics that spread mental health awareness and paint pictures of what it is like to recover from substance abuse problems, such as alcohol addiction. There’s remarkable honesty and…

Album Reviews

Not Another Red Light casts a bright acoustic shine


At 16 minutes worth of singer-songwriter music, Not Another Red Light is a quick and pleasant listen which showcases some immense talent. There are five songs in the record, each standing out with a unique melody and poignant lyrical content. The production is crisp and punchy, making the songs come across clearly and confidently. It’s a wonderful thing to listen to a competent musician who’s put in quality work and excels at his craft. Throughout the EP, the tempo remains…

Album Reviews

Hellfire transitions into Dimension-X with a blast of angry, nihilistic black metal


Black metal is probably the most notorious metal aesthetics known to man. Hellfire, a solo project by musician Erik Schrage, takes the genre to its extremes. It’s an epic record with over an hour of running time which never stops pummelling your ears with blast beats, harsh guitars, and a voice screaming from the very depths of hell. This is supreme, raw black metal with absolutely no elements that may be considered “commercial”. It’s brutal and challenging listen with a…


Interview – John Proffitt on playing music for over 30 years and still discovering something new


Mr. John Proffitt is a husband and father of two who has been playing music for over 30 years. Along the way, he’s improvised with everything, played multiple instruments, and keeps stumbling upon something new every day! John’s tale is living proof that the world of music isn’t merely vast… it’s endless. We asked him the usual questions, he provided some unusual answers! Read on, please… Hello! Tell the world about yourself. Hello, nice to meet you. My name is…


Interview – Jim Mineweaser, bass player for pop-punk outfit ThE DroogS


Today, we have Jim Mineweaser on the Drooble blog. He’s the bass player for ThE DroogS, a pop-punk outfit from Traverse City, US. Just about a month ago, their record Comforts charmed us with its catchy tunes and big harmonies. We are now inviting one third of the band for a Drooble interview where we take a peek at the problematic Traverse city music scene, the band’s past and present, memories from one helluva live show, and more. Here’s what…