Charles Creedence, the musical nomad and artist of the world


Charles is a musician’s musician – the kind of guy that straight-up talks in song lyrics. Already a star in his neighbourhood by the age of 9, Charles wants to rock the world with a vast repertoire of songs written in over four languages. With music seeping from his very sole and the ability to communicate with pretty much everyone, either through words or music, he might as well achieve his dream to record albums and tour the globe. This…


Uploading and streaming songs on Drooble are about to change for the better

Untitled design

It’s part of the Drooble mission to help musician grow and encourage them to collaborate. That’s why as of today June 12th, 2018, we are making some changes which aim at: > Better quality of the songs on the radio Change 1: The songs you upload will no longer be automatically streamed on the Drooble radio. Instead, there will be an approval process managed by Drooble Team – your songs will receive different in text and colour labels, which show…


Musicians’ platform gives You an opportunity to earn money by writing reviews of other artists’ songs


We, at Drooble, are on a constant mission to provide better opportunities for musicians. Right now we are working on a new feature which will enable artists to write professional reviews and give feedback to others from the community and earn money as an additional income. Unlike the other platforms which pay less than cents per review, Drooble will only charge a commission and the rest will go to the musicians who give the feedback. Access will be limited in…


Dennis Watson almost lost his hearing but found that and his voice through music


Among its many powers, music is also a healing force. Take Dennis Watson‘s example – he had hearing development problems, so the doctor prescribed music, and look how this has turned out! Watson’s is out there with the musicians, making songs and collaborating with fellow talent on Drooble. Currently at work on three projects, he found the time to answer our questions and talk at length about his inspirations, songwriting process, and collaborating with vocalist Mara Cecconato. Check out what…

Album Reviews

Steele Raven rides the wings of heavy metal on live compilation The Lost Years Collection, Vol. 1


The Lost Years Collection, Vol. 1 is an album that recently has been recovered from a 25 years old cassette tape and it offers a thundering slab of tightly played heavy metal, recorded live at an undisclosed location. The performance is loud and raucous, the riffs are huge, the sound thick as a brick. The songs are cleverly composed, with plenty of hooks that harken back to the glory days of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even Kiss.…