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Bad Mary: The Modern Definition of Classic Punk Rock

badmary_band_medium – Копие

Okay, listen up. The easiest way to present a band is probably to just copy and paste some info off the Internet, but we won’t do that today. Well, we never do it anyway, but this time we have a really good reason not to. The particular band we’ll be talking about today is so freakin’ energetic that it wouldn’t be right to be any kind of lazy when writing about it. They’re loud, fun, fast and they literally kick ass. Yes, literally…

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Stokholm on the Black Sea

Stokholm (6)

Greetings, Drooblers Boy, do we have a treat for you today! This article is technically dedicated to an album called Individual Manifest Of Spirit but it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity to check out the great work of a band called Stokholm and to dive into their thoughts which, I promise you, will fill you with fresh positivity in no time. Stokholm is a five-member team from Bulgaria and the guys have been rocking the charts, festivals, clubs and venues all over the…


Won’t Be Found: A Talk With Simon Alexander

photo feature

Hey Drooblers! Today we introduce you a very interesting person. Simon Alexander is a singer/songwriter from the west coast of Sweden. He has always been the drummer but when some song ideas in his head just had to see the sunlight he picked up the guitar and started playing and recording. His debut EP – “Won’t Be Found” is a piece of art which will make your heart dance. You can hear it on iTunes and Spotify. Here are Simon’s…


Javi Punga: No Pause and No Haste


Howdy, dudes and dudettes! Time to meet another one of our great Buenos Aires influencers. Javi Punga ( Javi Punga Turbo Band) is proof that true influencers are more than just the music they make. For you to have an impact on people’s lives there needs to be something more to who you are than simply songwriting and performing. Even though Javi describes himself as a “manboy”, a certain maturity can clearly be traced in his work, along with a soothing wisdom born…


Kevin Roth: An Acoustic Interview

Muestra de Canto · Cris Centurion -43 (1)

Hey Drooblers! Today we’d like to introduce you to one of your own. Kevin Roth is a guitarist from Buenos Aires who managed to get enough Karma points by posting awesome stuff on Drooble and who knew the best way to use them is getting featured on the best blog on the planet (hint: it’s this one). He’s been rocking the guitar since he was ten years old. He started with a teacher who taught him some chords. Then the little guy decided to develop his…