How much music can you make in just a year – Interview with Hipster Pug


Hipster Pug is one of the most productive artists you’ll see on Drooble. He’s coming from the gaming scene and has been making music for just a year but has already produced a ton of music in a plethora of contemporary electronic genres. To join and endure the grinder that the music industry has become is not an easy job, especially for the newcomers. Here’s what Hipster Pug is all about and what keeps him inspired. Hello! Tell the world…


Music for unmade movies – Interview with Benedict Roff-Marsh


Benedict Roff-Marsh is an interesting artist, to say the least. In the complex, beautiful and intense electronic music he’s been writing for decades now you can see influences ranging from classical music to progressive rock, film music, and Berlin School electronics. Benedict has taken all those and turned them into something unique and true to himself. His interview is a real-life story with all of its ups and downs, highlights, struggles, and dreams. It’s a read as honest as his…


8 easy steps to take your music career to the next level

Untitled design

Nowadays, being a successful musician requires much more skills than one can imagine. As much as you need talent, you can’t get anywhere without having discipline, patience and a large set of other skills. To survive the blooming, or should we say oversaturated, music world every musician needs to build the right set of capabilities, competencies and form a mindset of relentless dedication. However, there are certain tricks that can make the process far more entertaining and fun while still…

Album Reviews

Album Review – Omnesia are setting the World On Fire


Omnesia come from Oakland, California but there are no warm and sunny beaches in the music they are creating. Instead, there’s a colder, more personal and introvert interpretation of synth rock music that’s not afraid to be both melancholic and danceable. Omnesia is a duo with Medella Kingston handling vocals, lyrics and writing alongside M2 who’s in charge of guitars, synths, programming and pretty much everything else. With a bunch of guest artists, the duo has recorded a lengthy album…


Designing for music – Interview with Brad Rose


On Drooble we’ve interviewed tens of musicians and song-writers but now we’ll show you another part of the big game called the music business. Brad Rose is one of the people on our website who’s following a completely different path which is still very bound to music. He’s been a graphic designer for the last 20 years, working on everything from album artworks to radio and social media campaigns. Here’s his story and his reasons to be a part of…