Why You Should Always Record Your Band Practice


I come across a lot of bands, and it never ceases to amaze me how few of them are recording their practice sessions. In fact, when I suggest it to some musicians they are almost bemused by the idea of recording something that traditionally isn’t meant to be recorded. Surely the practice is where you perfect your sound before recording? Well, I’m here to tell you that recording band practices changed everything for my music career, and the benefits span…


E3Project’s “Symphony of Love” is a cinematic rock masterpiece about the loss of a loved one


Listening to Australian cinematic rockers’ E3Project’s “Symphony Of Love” is a stirring, emotional experience. It’s also one of the best, most musically and creatively accomplished records we’ve ever heard in our time. The genre is best described as cinematic rock, owing to the symphonic instruments, synthesizers and textures masterfully employed to push forward a narrative about a love lost in a battle with a deadly disease. The 13 songs contain pop and alternative rock mottifs, characteristically benefitting from the presence…


5 tips for mixing different genres in your songs


Confidently blending different genres can make for very exciting songs that capture listeners attention and stay in their memories for a long time to come. There is, however, an art to fusing different genres. If it’s not done tastefully, the result errs on jarring and experimental for the sake of it. You’d be right to be searching for some guidance on mixing different styles of music in your compositions. Drooble users certainly do – while discussing genre fusion, they came…


Ron Bowes is the Last Man Standing of raw and real British blues rock


Every dog has it’s day. UK blues brother and rocker Ron Bowes seemingly had his when he left the music industry ten years ago to devote himself to family life. Luckily, the music bug never left him, it just buggered off for a while until the man decided enough is enough and cut a whopping 17-song record. Talk about a lengthly comeback! Raunchy, rockin’, loud, psychedelic and unabashedly old-school, “Last Man Standing” is the result of a thrill that was…


New stuff headed to Drooble – faster website, radio playlists, and more!


Greetings, Drooblers! In order to succeed with our mission of bringing together musicians over the globe, Drooble needs to be the best it can be. That’s why we are always listening and looking for ways to improve the social network’s user experience. There’s lots of new stuff in the making to look forward to. So much, that we felt like giving you a glimpse at the coming awesomeness! Here are some nice things we’ve just released: 1. Thanks to our…