Where alternative and dark country meet – Troubles of the World by John Consalvo

John Consalvo is back with a brand new single. Earlier last month we shared with you our thoughts on “Open The Sea”, a previous track by Issaquah-based singer-songwriter, which caught our attention for both its unique musical direction and high-quality audio production. So now we’re back with even more fine-crafted music by Consalvo to discuss.

Troubles of The World” starts off with a hard-hitting, aggressive alternative rock build-up with the drums rolling under a slow low-pass filter while the guitars keep roaring under John Consalvo’s very signature vocal blend and his dark-nuanced lyrics. This prepares us for an absolute emotional, Chevelle-style alt-rock explosion, but not yet! Near the one minute, the tone slightly shifts, country rock claps and whistles come in to brighten the sky above a bit. The track gets a more determined vibe rather than the brooding one we expected. And here you are, caught once again in the unique amalgam of rock music that Consalvo’s work is created from.

If you like your alternative rock with a touch of indie rock and country, or if you like your country rock darker then “Troubles of The World” is the name of the game. Needless to say, this track was not only written and arranged with a hell of lot of talent and attention but, just as with everything we’ve heard from Consalvo so far, it’s been recorded, mixed, and mastered with absolute attention to all the details in the music – be that his powerful voice, the lively, punchy drums or the varying guitar work, switching between more acoustic and organic parts to a full-on distortion mode.

John, we need more of this!

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