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Bates Belk of BB3 Dynamics – Music meets philosophy

Bates Belk of BB3 Dynamics

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bates Belk of BB3 Dynamics – a badass global recording artist, music producer, DJ and sound designer who’s melted brains of dance lovers all over the world. He’s moved audiences in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. BB3’s music is both traditional and boundary-pushing, combining classic dance elements with out-of-the-box concepts. Experience meets philosophy in this very successful mix between the building…

Music Talks

Maximani to record labels: Choke on that!

DJ Maximani

What happens when you’re the electronic black sheep in a very classically artistic family? Easy. You invent Dixtro. Maximani, the Swedish self-proclaimed founder of the new genre created Dixtro by “mixing 12% Disco with 88% Complextro under twice of the atmospheric pressure”. We didn’t dare to ask exactly how he did it but what matters is this guy WILL make you dance. One of Maximani’s most emblematic tracks is ‘Hello Mr. Record Label.’ His frustration with major labels arouse from…

Interesting Music Talks

A Visitor from Space – King Arthur

King Arthur DVJ from Puerto Rico

Today we have a very special guest who just landed on our Drooble Mothership. That’s right, we present to you Mr. King Arthur, floating in straight from outer space! Hi there, King Arthur, please introduce yourself to our readers! I’m a DJ, Music Producer and a Mechanical Engineer based in Puerto Rico. As a mechanical engineer, I manufactured my own Robot suit and Spaceship DJ Booths. Recently I released my album during “Electric Holiday” – a 2-day event with 20,000…


3 Great Electronic Artists of our Time

electronic music

Today we’d like to share with you a few of our favorite electronic music artists. Enjoy! David August David August is one of the more original electronic artists we’ve had the pleasure to listen to. His music combines classical instruments with modern electronic sounds. The German musician incorporates basic but sophisticated stuff like piano, guitar, even harps and fuses them into intricate and complex pieces accompanied by impressive bass lines and synths. Resident Advisor describes David very fittingly as someone…

Interesting Music

Guys, meet Breakcore.

Aphex Twin Richard James Hidden Face

If you’re not familiar with the genre, Breakcore (or noisecore) uses heavy kick drums, breaks and a huge variety of sampling sources in order to successfully combine the brutality of metal drumming with the unpredictability of jungle rhythms, digital hardcore, industrial and other elements. All played at extreme tempos. We created a small and very basic list of our favorite Breakcore artists for your viewing pleasure: Aphex Twin If you’re even slightly familiar with Breakcore culture, there’s no need for an…