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Grimaze band consists of vocalist Pavel Krumov, guitarist Melina Krumova, bassist Anton Dimitrov and drummer Nedy Miladinov. The band was formed in January 2013. At first Grimaze was playing covers of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pantera, but soon in their original music they move on to a heavier sound and playing. Grimaze’s sound is not easily classified as it is a mixture of several different styles. Genres that have been associated with Grimaze are: technical death metal, groove metal,…


7 Incredible Death Metal Drummers!

Drums Set

Today’s article is going to be smooth as Michael Jackson’s criminal. Here are our favorite drummers from the metal scene. Lyle Cooper – drummer of “Abhorrent” and ex-drummer of “The Faceless” One of my all time favorite death metal drummers. The stuff he plays now with “Abhorrent” makes his past career with “The Faceless” seem as he was just warming up with them. And “The Faceless” drums are far from easy. With his creativity and technique he is a true…