Bad Mary: The Modern Definition of Classic Punk Rock
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Bad Mary: The Modern Definition of Classic Punk Rock

badmary_band_medium – Копие

Okay, listen up. The easiest way to present a band is probably to just copy and paste some info off the Internet, but we won’t do that today. Well, we never do it anyway, but this time we have a really good reason not to. The particular band we’ll be talking about today is so freakin’ energetic that it wouldn’t be right to be any kind of lazy when writing about it. They’re loud, fun, fast and they literally kick ass. Yes, literally…

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KOBRA KEI: Your Nymph, Your Rapper, Your Messiah


You know how sometimes you can’t quite get someone because they seem too… unhuman? In the case of musicians it’s that feeling you get when the music and visuals are so weird but so well done at the same time, that you start doubting your own judgement and start wondering if you’re getting old. Sometimes musicians are brave, braver than normal. This is the case with Buenos Aires based Kobra Kei. I’m not sure what the best way to describe whet…

Music Off Beat Talks

“Too Serious Is Boring”: A Talk With Pablo Neptuno On Transmitting Feelings


Hey Drooblers! It’s time for another one of those great interviews when the person we’re talking to is someone you can both relate to and admire at the same time. If you’re not from Buenos Aires, you may have never heard of Pablo Neptuno (Pablo Neptuno Band) but over there he’s kind of a big deal – and rightly so. For his young age, the music that comes out of his head and underneath his fingers (a rare combo, but…

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The Dark Side of the Music Industry

blog post

‘A Jedi’s strength flows from The Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression – the dark side of The Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight.’ The words of the wise Master Yoda from the ‘Star Wars’ film universe ring true in any walk of life. Yes, even in the world we here, at Drooble, love and explore – the world of music. Art inspires us all; a musician’s strength really…

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Drooble Proudly Sponsored the First Bulgarian Music Hackathon

Hack (2)

Hy guys! We’re happy to announce our participation as a sponsor in the first Music Hackathon held in Sofia, Bulgaria, last weekend. The event is designed to bring together programmers, coders, musicians, artists, scientists, composers, and all people who love music and technology. The participants are split into small teams and in the course of 24 hours compete with each other, creating innovative technological projects and solution which combine music and technology. Drooble saw the opportunity to help the event happen and we seized it…