How to Build a Musician Website with WordPress

There are many great benefits to having a website for your musical endeavors. Whether you’re a solo artist, a band, or a record label — a website gives you ample freedom to advertise and promote yourself.

A lot of people see it as having a digital business card. And I think that’s a great way to look at it. But, if you have never created a website before, where do you start? Is it going to be hard? Is it going to be expensive?

Fortunately, WordPress is the most affordable platform in the entire world. In fact, it is completely free to use for everyone. The only thing that’s going to need an investment is your domain name, website hosting, and a premium theme to bring your pages to life.

So, if you are ready to create a musician website with WordPress — follow along with these steps as we take you through the entire process.

Reserve your domain name.

You’re going to need a domain name that people can use to reach your website. Luckily, it’s extremely easy to find one and reserve it. 

Platforms like NameCheap provide both affordable solutions but also a wide variety of domain name extensions.

Once you type in the name of your band or your solo venture — NameCheap will show all the available options. Sometimes, you’ll have to make a few iterations since not all names are always available.

Sign up for a website hosting service.

So, after you have your domain name, the next step is to get a website hosting account. Basically, without a hosting account, you have nowhere to host your website. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of services out there that provide fully managed website hosting. In other words, sign up once and forget about it.

I recommend looking into Cloudways. These guys are experienced with all kinds of website hosting needs. From small guys to the extra big guys.

And, as you can tell, their services are also top-notch! 

Having access to 24/7 expert support is great when you’re still trying to wrap your head around everything.

Get yourself a beautiful WordPress theme.

Once you have a domain name and website hosting out of the way, it’s time to focus on design. In other words, you need to get yourself a music-related WordPress theme. Luckily, there are some great options on the market.

Sonaar is a brand specializing in WordPress music themes, emphasizing the diversity of the industry. If you want a stylish, modern, and exciting design for your website, then these themes are an absolute must-see!

Let’s look at some of the designs individually, shall we?

Milend: Singer and Musician Style

This extremely dynamic theme leaves a stunning first impression. The intro page is supported by a full-width video background which adds an immerse touch to the entire user experience. Visitors can listen to your latest songs directly from the homepage, too.

Apex: Musicians Who Love Minimalism

Apex is a style that’s all about making a statement. If you love a minimal design structure, then Apex is the theme for you. It’s ideal for songwriters, singers, independent producers, and anyone else looking to create their own little personal corner on the world wide web.

Moonlight: A Creative Artists Dream

Moonlight is a very straight-to-the-point type of a website theme. It is ideal for creative artists and musicians who’d like to advertise their latest album in elegant fashion. Also, Moonlight helps you promote your emails newsletter, your contact information, and your social media pages.

Cornerstone: A Record Label’s Toolkit

If you are managing multiple artists at once, you need something sturdier than a solopreneur theme. As such, we recommend Cornerstone. A remarkable fusion of style and simplicity.

This theme allows you to add an unlimited number of albums, each with their own respective page. You can design this page to include the entire album but also any relevant links to additional media.

Additionally, look into themes such as Indigo, Mandala, and Prodigy. Most importantly, it’s not just the wonderful out of the box styles that make these designs so appealing and enticing.

Here’s a recap of the benefits you’ll get by signing up as a customer with Sonaar. It’s well worth your investment!

#1: Friendly & Fast Customer Support

Few things mess up your day as bad as a dysfunctional website. This is why Sonaar provides multiple support channels for a quick and easy fix. Reach out using Email, Helpdesk, or Live Chat.

You can get help with things like broken pages, incompatible plugins, or anything else that’s making your website not work as it should.

#2: Continuous Audio Playback

Every theme is integrated with a special widget to help you present and play audio files directly from your pages. 

You can, in essence, upload an entire album and your fans will be able to play it back without needing to leave to an external platform like Spotify or iTunes.

You can see in the example above — taken from the Karbones theme — that the playback provides plenty of management options, too. Visitors can share the songs or they can download them on their device instantly.

#3: More Than 25+ Amazing Music Themes

Sonaar has crafted their entire brand around music-related designs and themes. It is their passion, it is their bread and butter. And by signing up as a customer ($89 per year) you’ll be getting access to all of their 25+ themes.

We already looked at some great styles throughout this article. In addition, Sonaar specializes in themes for podcasts, and themes for independent DJ’s. These are all designs crafted to impress your audience, and the results are going to speak for themselves!

#4: Drag & Drop Page Building with Elementor

All Sonaar themes are fully compatible with Elementor. This is a highly advanced page builder addon which you can use to create custom layouts and page designs. Best of all, an absolute beginner can learn to use it in less than an hour. 

For most customization needs, you only need to specify custom values or use the drag and drop panel to add new items. So, if you wanted to do something creative with your website, you absolutely could!

#5: Special Discount for Drooble Members

If you’re a member of Drooble, you can enjoy a nice 15% discount for any theme purchase you make. Use the promo code “DROOBLEFRIENDS” on the checkout page. 

However, those who go ahead with the lifetime membership can enjoy a massive 30% discount instantly. 

This is an offer you won’t want to miss, and it ensures that you’re always going to stay on top of things. Lifetime Members also get access to 45+ PSD templates for Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Last but not least, here are some tips on how to best structure your new website built with one of these amazing WordPress music themes!

  • Stay relevant to your cause. Whether it’s navigation menu or additional pages, always make sure that your content is relevant and informative.
  • Upload MP3’s for audio playback. If you want to share your songs on your website, make sure you’re always uploading them in .mp3 format.
  • Use YouTube for video playback. Uploading video files locally might end up being too costly. Besides, YouTube provides great opportunities for marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Start an online store with WordPress. All Sonaar themes are compatible with plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. You can literally start selling your music from day one!

You can always check out what other musicians are doing with their websites. The web provides plenty of sources of inspiration for whatever it is that you’re working on.

All in all, we hope this is a nice introduction for both website building with WordPress but also the amazing collection of music themes you can get your hands on. 

And if you do find yourself struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of Sonaar’s support members and they’ll help you get things moving forward quicker.

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