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Emanuel Dos Santos a.k.a. Der3k – Passion For Electronic

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About 4 years ago, Emanuel Dos Santos (Der3k) had the dream of being a singer of urban music, so he started performing reggaeton tracks. Then he discovered electronic music, a passion for being a producer was born and everything changed. Here’s how: Hey there, Emanuel! Glad to have you here. Care to introduce yourself and what you do so our readers can get to know you better? Hey! My name is Emanuel Dos Santos, I am 21 years old, I am…


Album Review: Rinko Serlier And His Last EP ‘Slow Down Sweet DUB’


Believe it or not, the Netherlands had still not been represented musically on the Drooble blog until Rinko Serlier came along. Music is an obsession for him and he tries his best to bring hope and positivity through his tunes. It’s probably weird and undoubtedly rare to see someone who combines reggae and classical music in their work, but in the case of Rinko, the two come together in a non-invasive manner, staying in separate pieces while remaining a well-integrated part…

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Tamal – Partners In Crime

Tamal Drooble

Hey Drooblers. We’re going to try something a bit different today. Leandro and Andre are two partners in crime (the good kind, a.k.a. music) that we encountered on Drooble. They’re “here” as members of a band called Tamal, basedn in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Originally, the reason for this interview was their EP, but then it turned out they’re great at being interviewed so now there’s another reason for you to read on. They used to be a band of four but…

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Andre Van Haren – A Gentleman In Our Midst


We were browsing Drooble recently (big surprise right there) and we were amazed to suddenly go back in time again, to a past we’ve never been to before in this blog, as far as personal profiles go. Imagine our surprise when we found out there was not only a real live classical musician in our midst but he was a normal, breathing man who creates beautiful musical pieces that sound both transcending in a time-travelling manner and modern at the same time.…

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Replay: Italian Funk Is Pretty Darn Awesome

Replay Drooble Cover

Hey Drooblers! We’ve got a great treat for you today – an Italian band called Replay. As you might have guessed from the title, they’re in the funk department. If you didn’t get this from the title, I’m really not sure what to tell you… ANYWAY. We found these guys on Drooble and thought their music was pretty sweet, so, as any good Samaritans would have done, we decided to share it with you. When we found out half the band was…