How did music notes get their names?
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How did music notes get their names?

Canto Gregoriano

Hey. I’d like to introduce you to Boethius and Guido. Both of them died centuries ago but it’s important that you know who they are so you can be thankful for what they did.   The seven-note diatonic musical scale is ancient. It was most likely originally played in descending order. If you’ve ever played a musical instrument or took any kind of music lessons, even in school, you’ve heard notes being called C-D-E-F-G-A-B or Do-Re-Mi-La-Sol-La-Si, depending on where you…

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Face it, all your favorite songs are covers


Buckle up, it’s “omg-is-that-really-a-cover” time! Remember how you used to relate with musical artists because of the deep meaning of their songs? Remember the ginormous respect you had for their all-mighty lyric writing skills? How you were certain you would never be creative enough to compose a piece of music that could touch the human soul as your favorite tunes did? Remember how you used to admire the pure spark of genius that must have overtaken those musicians when they…


8mm melodies: The Quentin Tarantino score

Winter is coming, as the young ones like to say, and with it – a plethora of cinematic premiers that are hoping to engage our minds and satisfy our thirst for adventure. One such movie, set to come out on Christmas day, is “The Hateful Eight” – the 8th movie by renowned director and screenwriter Quentin Tarantino. Inspired by the anticipation of this upcoming movie premier, we are eager to look back on one of Tarantino’s greatest allies in his…

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Most Unexpected Collaborations in Music History

Collaboration in Music

Today we compiled a list of some of the most odd collaborations in music and pairings. You can decide for yourself if they were hit or a complete miss… Weezer and Lil Wayne – Can’t Stop Partying The 45 year old rock star Rivers Cuomo featured the song “Can’t Stop Partying” on his demo collection of songs Alone II where the song had a featured rap verse from Lil Wayne. This is an unexpected collaboration and to prove all that      …