Meet Neli Dimitrova – a professional guitarist, tutor and artist manager
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Meet Neli Dimitrova – a professional guitarist, tutor and artist manager

Neli Dimitrova Musician on Drooble

It’s always interesting to talk to aspiring young artists. This is why we decided to invite Neli Dimitrova, а Bulgarian student, musician and a music teacher, who told us a bit about living in London and working towards making your dream come true. Hi there Neli, please introduce yourself to our readers! Hi there! I’m Neli – a professional guitarist, tutor and artist manager. I’m also on my last year of studies at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in…

Music Talks

Sigma Falls, a Band Interview

Sigma Falls Music Band

‘Sigma Falls’ Band Sigma Falls are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Portsmouth, UK. Their powerful riff-driven and energetic sound mixes influences from the Seattle grunge and California punk scene of the 90’s with alternative rock bands from the UK. The ethos of the band is simple: to craft upbeat and catchy carefree songs and perform captivating dynamic performances. Today we have Andi from Sigma Falls talking to us so please go ahead and enjoy our Talk Hey there Andi, please…

Music Talks

Big Time Grain Co. – An Interview with Chad Bourquin

Chad Bourquin and Big Time Grain Co. Band from Kansas

We talked to Chad Bourquin of Big Time Grain Co. country band. Herе’s what he told us! Hi there Chad, please introduce yourself and Big Time Grain Co. to our readers! Hello, my name is Chad Bourquin, co­owner and guitar player for Big Time Grain Company What does it take to become one of the fastest rising country bands? This could potentially be a few pages, but if I could summarize some things we’ve done that have worked. We’ve identified and…


Band Interview: Dare to ‘Lure out The Beast’ ?


This time around we bring you a very special interview with ‘Lure Out the Beast’ – a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Roarrr! ‘Sailing straight from the murky waters of the pirate bay, they deliver some howling vocals and finely balanced, yet energetic guitar sound.’ How did you guys meet? How did you start the band, who’s in it? Me and our drummer, Jouni, met while working on a ship back in 1999. We’ve had several bands since then and we…