Band Interview: Dare to ‘Lure out The Beast’ ?

This time around we bring you a very special interview with ‘Lure Out the Beast’ – a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Roarrr!

‘Sailing straight from the murky waters of the pirate bay, they deliver some howling vocals and finely balanced, yet energetic guitar sound.’

How did you guys meet? How did you start the band, who’s in it?

Me and our drummer, Jouni, met while working on a ship back in 1999. We’ve had several bands since then and we formed what would become Lure Out the Beast in 2009. Since then we’ve tried a couple of different line-ups. Current members Sebastian and Erik joined in 2011 and 2015.

How did you develop your style? What were your major influences?

We try to write as much as possible together and we all have different musical backgrounds. The grunge era seems to be our biggest source of inspiration.

Did you have any serious troubles when you started – tell us a funny story from the beginning of your career?

Well, we’ve played with at least 10 different bass players over the years, probably more…

What do you think about the state of the music industry nowadays? How hard is it to follow your style with so many commercial artists that get most of the attention?

It’s easier and harder at the same time. It’s easier to follow your passion and get noticed by like-minded people across the globe (as we have done to some extent) but at the same time it’s harder to get a local following among the myriad of bands that exist today. And it’s a lot harder to make any money out of it, especially if you can’t tour or play live as much as you’d like to. We all have day jobs and we all have to make ends meet.

From your point of view, what could be better for musicians which are still in their early days? How did you get initial support?

We got lucky with our video “Driven” as it was featured on in 2014 so we got a lot of attention from that. Try to get your stuff out there in as many forums as you can and hopefully you’ll get noticed someday! I still believe your stuff has to be really good though that should always be your main priority no matter what. Why bother if you can’t be proud of your product?

You currently have your first album out – how’s it going with it? When should we expect the next one?

Well, we haven’t really seen any international figures yet, but it’s gotten a couple of nice reviews here in Sweden. We’re working on new material and we’re really looking forward to getting it out there! All of the new songs are better than the old ones in our opinion!

Listen to LOTB’s haunting song ‘Driven’ from their first album ‘Lure Out the Beast’:

What do you think of Drooble? How would it help your band?

Drooble and other social music platforms are very important to us as they give us the ability to reach our fans instantly wherever they are. When you have a global fanbase this is absolutely essential.

Why do you play music? Is there a message you want to send to people through your band and music?

Why we play music? Because we need to! Life would be dull and empty without it! There’s no real message to our fans though, we just want them to enjoy our stuff as much as we do.

Sailing straight from the murky waters of the pirate bay, they deliver some howling vocals and balanced, yet energetic guitar sound

What do you think about the music streaming services – are they all you need nowadays?

Yes, they’re all you need as a listener. Their business models often suck if you’re a struggling artist but then again the music business has always sucked.

What are your thoughts on the community – is it still going strong? How do you feel about it?

Our community? The music community in general? Well, people will always appriciate good, honest music and if you do what you love and do it right, people will notice. I talk to fans every now and then and I’m always stoked that they even exist. It’s lovely!

Free words:

Stay tuned for more from us and keep doing what you love! Doing something passionately is its own reward!

‘Lure Out the Beast’ – Gothenburg, Sweden – follow the band on



  1. Brigitte Jensen

    I’ve heard them live – it’s good fun! 🙂

  2. Martin Jones

    So lucky with this Pirate Bay deal… :)) If only Pirate Bay could rotate different videos every day 😀

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