The good old 1980s meet 21st century pop experimentalism in “33” by Bodhi
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The good old 1980s meet 21st century pop experimentalism in “33” by Bodhi

Every day we spend on Drooble we come across hundreds of artists and albums. However, people from our community never stop surprising us. We recently discovered Bodhi and gave his new album “33” a spin. Boy, we were so unprepared for the great music waiting for us on the other side of the play button. Imagine superb songwriting, perfect contemporary production, combined with tons of influences from early Genesis, Peter Gabriel why not even David Bowie and all the great…

Album Reviews

Need a fix of good ol’ rock’n’roll – play some Ron Bowes

Ron D Bowes is based in Farnborough, UK. Since the 1970s, he’s been playing rock music with a ton of bands, among which Midnight Circus, Palantir, Stag, Gambler and Sneak Preview. In his most active years as a musician he’s contributed to a ton of records before indulging in a long, we guess, needed break. However, the rock gods eventually summoned him again so Bowes eventually came back to business and is still rocking hard. In 2018 he’s rocking a…

Off Beat

How did The Horns become the symbol of heavy metal?

In today’s world of free speech, free thought and free Wifi, we all like to be masters of our own destiny from time to time. What we rarely realize is that this requires an understanding of our personality, of the words we utter, of the symbols we use to signify our subjective reality and in the simple terms of body language – of what physical gestures we use in our everyday life. One of these gestures, concerning mainly those of…


Rockin’ Around America – Jaime Rodriguez

Jaime Rodriguez Musician

When Jaime Rodriguez was in the military, everyone used their per diem money to buy cars. They though Jamie was crazy because he got three bass guitars, Ampeg Amplification, and spent his off time sitting in his room, trying to figure out how to find his own singing voice. Jamie is a very dedicated musician who never stopped moving around the States (he practically lived everywhere). He found a lot of inspiration in fellow musicians and played with different bands,…


New Orleans Rocks – Steve Witschel

Steve Witschel

Today we talk to Steve Witschel, a bass player with more than three decades of experience. Steve shares his thoughts on the New Orleans rock scene and the professional musician’s life in general. His advice for young musicians is very, let’s say, basic. See what we did there? 😉 Hey Steve, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. I’m a full-time bass player working in three different bands six nights a week every week in New Orleans,…