Musicinfo and the Chinese music market

Drooble and Musicinfo are partnering up to enable artists to reach new audiences in Mainland China through Musicinfo’s Distribution and Promotion Services. Only for Drooble musicians, Musicinfo has provided a special code granting an exclusive all-time 30% discount on any purchase at Musicinfo. Type the code DROOBLE when placing your orders!

Music info is a digital music distribution and promotion company based in Finland providing services to help independent artists establish their music and presence in Mainland China. Musicinfo offers a tailored selection of distribution and promotion packages to suit both fledgling artists on a tight budget as well as more established music-makers with a comprehensive back-catalogue. 

Although music streaming services were launched a mere three to four years ago, listenership in China has skyrocketed. The largest Chinese streaming services such as QQ Music, Kuwo Music and NetEase attract altogether around 813 million users every month, and Chinese social media apps including WeChat and Weibo have racked up over a billion active users and are continuing to expand; This makes tapping into this huge market particularly lucrative for independent artists and is essential when entering China, because Western platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many others are blocked.

Until recently, China has had significantly less exposure to Western music and popular culture compared with its surrounding territories due to its long history of censorship of foreign media. Now that this is all starting to change with the advent of its own platforms; new and unfamiliar musical styles, sounds and influences are captivating Chinese listeners like never before. This is why Musicinfo has taken this opportunity to make it as effortless as possible for artists around the globe to reach these audiences as well and reap the financial rewards of exposure to the prospering Chinese music market. 

Reach up to 800 million listeners

With Musicinfo, you can distribute your music to the top five streaming platforms including QianQian Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music and NetEase and a multitude of online radio stations reaching millions of listeners for as little as $33 for 1 release with the Star package. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can distribute 3 releases with Bronze, 10 releases with Gold and up to 100 releases with Platinum. All services operate by way of an easy-to-use platform and come complete with regular detailed streaming and sales reports as well as top-notch customer service and guidance. If you opt for Gold or Platinum, you will additionally receive a consultation session with their industry experts to draw up strategies to help you get your music to go further. Most importantly, you always keep 100% of the royalties with whichever plan you choose. For more information about their distribution plans and prices, follow this link.

Why promote your music with Musicinfo?

The simple answer is to get you recognition. “We at Musicinfo are unique in our approach because we have comprehensive area-specific expertise in relation to developing music trends and listener behaviour in the Chinese music market as well as a close working relationship with our partners,” states Musicinfo CEO Kari Halttunen. This allows Musicinfo, among other things, arrange exclusive promotion opportunities for their artists such as banner promotion deals in order to achieve unrivalled visibility in Mainland China. 

Promotion is the key to reaching a suitable audience that will invest their time and money into your music. This is essential when trying to gain visibility in any market and even more so in an unfamiliar market such as China. Musicinfo offers 3 packages covering basic social media promotion and video sharing that will help to grow your fanbase, increase streaming circulation of your tracks and increase the revenue you receive. With the basic Social Media plan, you can reach up to 361 million monthly users through a boosted blog post on Weibo (China’s answer to Twitter) for $33, translated into Chinese by their specialist team. The Social Media Promotion Pro gets your post to all Tencent Media channels including the most popular social media services like WeChat, Tencent News, QQ Kanadian and Kuai Bao which will expose you to up to 800 million monthly followers. To leave your followers with a more lasting impression, pushing your audio-visual presence can be a real career-boosting move; The Video Promotion plan gets your music videos or album teasers to China’s YouTube equivalents  QQ video, Youku, Tudou and UC for just $56. 

Playlisting and monthly promotion

If you want to grow your fanbase even faster, Musicinfo also offers more extensive and integrated promotion services to help you better corner your new audiences. You can request that your music be added to an active and popular playlist on one of the top Chinese streaming services or you can purchase a monthly promotion service where you’ll have regular posts on a dedicated Weibo site and be provided with reports of your audience’s engagement with your content. Visit Musicinfo’s promotion pages to request a quote or more information here.

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