Introducing the Drooble Song Reviews!
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Interesting Song Reviews

Introducing the Drooble Song Reviews!


Our new service is finally here! We are excited to share the launch of Song Reviews – a tool to order honest and useful feedback given by fellow musicians. What is even better is that you can earn money on the side for sharing your opinion and expertise on other people’s music! As a musician, you can choose whether you need a general understanding of how your song is perceived or go deeper into specific areas like songwriting, production, and…


Meet Hoverlay – The Augmented Reality Platform


Today we present to you a really awesome and useful new app called Hoverlay. We will publish an interview with its creators in a few weeks, but for now you can find and follow them on Drooble. We have all heard of virtual reality, and the trend is getting bigger and bigger with more applications emerging every year. But have you heard of augmented reality? It’s a concept that stands between virtual reality and well… reality. To explain in a…


20 different types of guitars that made music history


Guitarists are constantly looking for ways to stretch their concept of what the instrument can do, in order to make their sound more unique. If you’re looking for some inspiration, each of the famous artists below show that there really isn’t a limit to the variety of musical expressions one can create on the guitar. From Jimmy Page’s double-neck electric to Ed Sheeran’s miniature acoustic, the possibilities on the guitar are endless. Click around the infographic below to see and…


Creativity – A Process of Healing


Like all artists, musicians generally have delicate, sensitive minds. It is imperative that they learn to handle the sometimes extreme thoughts and emotions they experience as a necessary part of their creativity. Sotiris Hill is a psychologist and author on a mission to empower musicians by training them to embrace their complicated, oftentimes chaotic inner world and find internal peace through their musical expression. After his illuminating article on psychological support as the challenged artist’s secret aid for success, Sotiris…


TheoryBoard is a MIDI controller that takes all the guesswork out of music theory


While modern music-making technology has made it reasonably easy for just about anyone to get some tunes going – mostly electronica-flavored ones – it still mostly feels like training wheels. Knowledge of theory and harmony, or a well-honed set of musical ears is what separates the men from the boys when it comes to producing music. Musical education has enjoyed plenty of progress since the days of stern piano teachers beating your fingers with a ruler. Theory books are highly…