Best Tips to Monetize Live Stream Performances & Connect with Fans
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Best Tips to Monetize Live Stream Performances & Connect with Fans

Your fans need to experience live music for than ever. Especially in times like these, when COVID-19 has shut down live events. They crave live shows and they’re stuck at home. But this creates a major opportunity for musicians. We’ve all seen major artists putting out Live Stream performances for free on Facebook Live. Fans are getting used to, and enjoying, watching their favorite artist on a Live Stream performance. Even once concerts finally come back, we expect to see…

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Musicians Who Got Their Material Out There Unconventionally + What We Can Learn from Them

There’s no doubt that breaking into the music industry can be tough, especially if you don’t have any well-placed connections. Many new musicians feel like their only chance is to perform live shows in hopes of getting noticed by someone with connections in the audience. Sure, there are plenty of musicians who got their start that way, but it may surprise you to hear that you may get faster results taking a different approach. Here’s how several successful musicians got…

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Evedo: Shaking up the industry – one event at a time!

Drooble is happy to announce a partnership with Evedo – a company that is challenging the way the entertainment industry operates. As we are always looking for better ways to support musicians in growing their careers, we are welcoming any innovative tools that move the whole industry forward! Organizing an event has always been a daunting task where you need to manage many players and therefore deal with many complications along the way. The result usually is more expensive tickets,…


I cannot imagine not being creative – Interview with Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez

Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez is a record producer and musician who has worked with many famous artists including Morbid Angel, Christian Death, Lover of Sin, Nile. He was also the guitarist/producer of his own band, Diet of Worms. Juan recently started a new music venture called The Synth Lord, which he describes like this: “Imagine a person from 1982 is frozen in ice and wakes up today without knowing the sound fonts have changed and decides to make a record with…

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Meet the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Drooble is happy to present the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. If you are passionate about performing music or producing music, you need to learn more about AIMM. They have been helping musicians and music producers capitalize on their passion for over 30 years and successfully break into the music industry. Alumni include artists like Kesha Lee and Turbo the Great. Whether you are interested in Music Production, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Vocals, AIMM has the programs to…