Musica Universalis: The Sound Of The Heavens
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Musica Universalis: The Sound Of The Heavens

Harmony of the spheres Drooble (2)

A long time ago in a galaxy called the Milky Way, on a planet called Earth, there were people who believed the universe was actually a huge musical instrument. How dumb, right? Well, it turned out to be true. Before we humans got to the point where we were basically aware of what’s going on in space (‘basically’, because there’s still a ton we don’t know, thank god) we used to think our planet was surrounded by celestial spheres, which…

Interesting Music Off Beat

How To Massage Your Throat For Vocal Warm-ups, Exercise And Recovery


Hey, Aloha, Terve, mitä kuuluu Drooblers? Markus Harju here, a swedish born multitasker in the music business – first and foremost a music producer but also a musician, songwriter and singer myself. I was born and raised in Sweden, got my ancestors and relatives in Finland and now I’m sitting here talking to you guys wherever you are in the world out there! Okay, so I was given the mission to take over the blog in this post and said…

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TrickJazz Studios brings music creators and mobile gamers together in cool new startup

TrickJazz Studios Drooble

Howdy Drooblers! A lot of you have sent us letters asking how games and music could be related so that musical artists can finally get the attention they deserve through the high-tech means of modern entertainment. Actually no, you haven’t, because we’ve never talked about gaming before and we’ve certainly never received a letter. Nonetheless, a new startup has decided to address this issue by combining mobile games, jazz and hip-hop artists. Here’s how: Here’s the Kickstarter campaign page of TrickJazz…

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Andre Van Haren – A Gentleman In Our Midst


We were browsing Drooble recently (big surprise right there) and we were amazed to suddenly go back in time again, to a past we’ve never been to before in this blog, as far as personal profiles go. Imagine our surprise when we found out there was not only a real live classical musician in our midst but he was a normal, breathing man who creates beautiful musical pieces that sound both transcending in a time-travelling manner and modern at the same time.…

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Replay: Italian Funk Is Pretty Darn Awesome

Replay Drooble Cover

Hey Drooblers! We’ve got a great treat for you today – an Italian band called Replay. As you might have guessed from the title, they’re in the funk department. If you didn’t get this from the title, I’m really not sure what to tell you… ANYWAY. We found these guys on Drooble and thought their music was pretty sweet, so, as any good Samaritans would have done, we decided to share it with you. When we found out half the band was…