Evedo: Shaking up the industry – one event at a time!

Drooble is happy to announce a partnership with Evedo – a company that is challenging the way the entertainment industry operates. As we are always looking for better ways to support musicians in growing their careers, we are welcoming any innovative tools that move the whole industry forward!

Organizing an event has always been a daunting task where you need to manage many players and therefore deal with many complications along the way. The result usually is more expensive tickets, difficult artist management, lost time, poor planning and execution. This is where Evedo comes into place! It’s a blockchain-based platform that unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events. 

Evedo takes a novel approach to the industry challenges by combining two marketplaces into one website. The first is directed at Promoters and Attendees, where they can buy/sell tickets and market events to new or existing audiences. The second one is directed at Event organizers, Venue owners, Entertainers&Managers, Rental companies, and Sponsors. Each company can create their profile, provide information about their services and find the partners, suppliers or clients they need. 

The solution offered by Evedo is based on blockchain technology. It eliminates the middleman and the need for trust between parties that organize or take part in events. This is achieved because the technology makes the whole process transparent, decentralized and secure. Blockchain has already revolutionized a ton of different areas worldwide and we are delighted to see it has been finally applied to the entertainment industry.

If you are curious to learn more, go check out Evedo’s website. Stay tuned for more updates as they are just getting started!

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