7 Incredible Death Metal Drummers!

Drums Set
Today’s article is going to be smooth as Michael Jackson’s criminal. Here are our favorite drummers from the metal scene.

Lyle Cooper – drummer of “Abhorrent” and ex-drummer of “The Faceless”

One of my all time favorite death metal drummers. The stuff he plays now with “Abhorrent” makes his past career with “The Faceless” seem as he was just warming up with them. And “The Faceless” drums are far from easy. With his creativity and technique he is a true inspiration to me:

Krimh – drummer of Septic Flesh, ex-drummer of Decapitated and Behemoth

Krihm is a very young and talented drummer – raw energy, smooth technique and a lot of groove and creativity. Krihm is also a multi-instrumentalist and has a solo project where he plays and records all the music.

George Kollias – drummer of Nile

One of the most brutal metal drummers. His speed and technique are amazing.

Mike Heller – drummer of Fear Factory and Malignancy

I found him a few days ago and I was literally blown away by the way he keeps a smooth groove while playing advanced math patterns.

Tomas Haake – drummer of Meshuggah

One of the pioneers of progressive drumming in metal, creating unbelievable stuff since 1990. True inspiration for all drummers, mixing jazz and metal, founder of the Djent sound and genre, Tomas is a contemporary genius.

Mario Duplantier – drummer of Gojira

One of the most creative modern metal drummers, mixing odd time signatures, tasty ideas, incredible feel and groove.

Alex Rudinger – drummer of “The Faceless”
Incredible technique. This guy manages to remain smooth all the time although the stuff he plays is crazy. Definitely check him out:

Great musicians deserve sharing, so go ahead and share your favorite drummers in the comments below! Also make sure to check out Drooble for more music!


  1. Jason Loyde

    Vitek Kieltyka, one of my favorite death metal drummers, rip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XpXDV8-xG0

  2. Bill Masters

    These are some of the craziest drummers out there!

  3. Connor

    one of the most brutal drummers right there!

  4. Thrash corpse

    You should do the same chart for bassists and vocalists also! :))) Bravo for the article

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