Planet Grimaze – pure aggression, maniacal complexity and beautiful brutality

While we are writing this, Bulgarian death / groove metal band Grimaze are halfway done with their epic November European tour as a support band for Polish technical death metal beasts Decapitated. They released “Planet Grimaze” right before they started their march across the Old Continent and judging by the incredible music they’ve recorded they’ll surely return to Bulgaria with an army of new followers.

The best thing about “Planet Grimaze” is that it’s a extremely diverse and well-produced heavy album. You know, it’s always very tricky with bands playing technical metal. Тhere’s one particular point that musicians often cross and their music simply becomes too complex and inaccessible. In “Planet Grimaze” the quartet has managed to tame their insane skills and create music that is complex, constantly shape-shifting but still retaining its main purpose – to be heavy, punchy and emotional.

An absolute highlight on the album is the maniacal drumming. This solid, diversely written and performed section allows the guitars to go anywhere – from explosive shredding to laying beautiful and memorable melodies, even to grim black metal-influenced arpeggios. While the vocals production choice might seem odd at first, it takes just a minute into the metal vortex that “Planet Grimaze” is to get used to the specific sound the band went for and actually appreciate as something contributing to the overall obscure vibe and atmosphere of the album. The lyrics, dealing with topics beyond our realities also contribute to this.

In general, Grimaze have written a killer album, which in just nine tracks will take you to so many places that other bands rarely even reach throughout their whole discographies.

Embark on a journey towards distant horizons. Explore ferocious inner storms. Face the screaming abyss of ignorance. Experience the beautiful brutality of the longing for the lost Spirit. Walk with the artist on their path to self-awareness. Enjoy your stay on “Planet Grimaze”!

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