Wulfpire take us on a trip in the occult and the darker side of R&B music

Wulfpire‘s music caught us absolutely off guard. We quickly checked the artwork, a glimpse at his Drooble profile and hit play. We were greeted by a short spoken word-driven intro that confused our expectations even further. Bracing ourselves for a harsh maybe industrial or raw electronic music trip, his still hot-off-the-oven 2020 full-length ‘The Darkness Within’ came at us with an absolutely mind-blowing mixture of R&B, hip-hop and soul music with a massive electronic sound. Trust us on this one, this record slaps so hard that it’ll surely not be leaving your headphones for a while if you give it a go.

Wulfpire already has several other releases behind his back but despite the fact he is hailing somewhere from the creative depths of USA there’s not much information about him. This mystery enshrouding the artist is one of the best things about him and really amplifies the effect his music has.

Especially in our times of oversharing information on the internet and social media, it’s a breath of fresh air to discover artists who are still dedicated to focusing more on their artistic personas and work thus keeping both their loyal audience and the casual listeners like us surprised and excited.

The album is conceptually gravitating towards R&B music with amazing vocal lines, crystal-clean falsettos and equally immersive lyrics dealing with darker themes, sprinkled with a touch of anti-conformism and personal contemplations. Wulfpire avoids putting labels on his work and we’ll respect that. But we have to point out his music is combining soul and R&B with a strong and almost industrial or synthwave electronic sound. This gives the album a different kind of punch and grip that’s not often observed in these genres.

The Darkness Within’ is not a casual, background listen, it’s an immersive experience and a darkly beautiful story told through the power of music, definitely one of our early 2020 highlights.

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