‘Kid’ is a dreamy and beautiful debut offering by solo artist Purshink

UPDATE (13.03.2020): Kid by Purshink is now out!


Based in Zurich, Switzerland Purshink is a solo project with sound mainly gravitating around the piano, the voice and the dialogue between them.

With a background and training in classical music, the artist starts 2020 with a debut single called ‘Kid’. The piece was recorded between Zurich and New York with input from LA producer Arizona Stoneheart, whose portfolio features projects with Tyga, Jason Derulo, Big Sean and more.

‘Kid’ explores the dreamy, delicate and mid-paced realms of singer-songwriter country music. With minimalist arrangement and the instrumentation solely left in the hands of a guitar and voice, the latter being handled especially beautiful with textural and spacey backing vocals making the track a bit more ethereal, ‘Kid’ is a well-made debut whose only downside is that you want more of it. Production-wise it’s sounding crisp and clear but with enough warmth to amplify the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia, which the track is soaked in.

A touching debut, which brings a lot of memories from times long gone, written by an artist we’ll be definitely keeping an eye on in the future.

‘Kid’ will be out on 13th of March on Youtube and all major streaming services. Make sure to pre-save the song and find it in your Spotify library or in one of your Spotify playlists as soon as it’s released! Pre-save now!

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