The bleak reality of ‘All I Kno’ by J on It

These days a big portion of hip-hop, especially the mainstream one is so emotionless and meaningless. It’s so strange for a genre that ever since its exception had the purpose to promote change and be a platform for a social and political critique. Right now it’s all about money, hustling and fame so, it definitely feels like a small miracle when you find an album that actually has something to say.

J On It is a young US hip-hop artist already with quite a few records behind his back. Here we’re looking at All I Kno’ – an epic 11-track full-length, one of J On It’s latest offerings. The music on All I Kno’ is dark and brooding. The instrumentals feel tense, claustrophobic and gloomy. Minimalist piano or synth melodies are contributing to the overwhelming sense of impending doom while trying to shed some remains of light over J On It’s pitch-black atmosphere.

Over that, with a classic US flow, he’s laying lyrics discussing a plethora of subjects all of them elaborating on his anti-society, anti-norm, anti-system stance. Drugs, isolation, money, honesty, politics, social struggle – it’s all here but mixed and served to the listener in a very personal and captivating manner.

All I Know’ is an album written with a lot of care, performed and captured as sincere as possible. It reflects not only somebody’s approach to music but the outlook of a person who’s found their way in life, who’s pissed off and not going to conform with the societal norms we’re all being force-fed.

This album is not a walk in the park. It’s moody, bleak and challenging but this makes it a very deep and rewarding listen absolutely worth your time and patience. Let’s spread the word about it! Hip-hop music needs this.

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