Guys, meet Breakcore.

Aphex Twin Richard James Hidden Face

If you’re not familiar with the genre, Breakcore (or noisecore) uses heavy kick drums, breaks and a huge variety of sampling sources in order to successfully combine the brutality of metal drumming with the unpredictability of jungle rhythms, digital hardcore, industrial and other elements. All played at extreme tempos. We created a small and very basic list of our favorite Breakcore artists for your viewing pleasure:

Aphex Twin

If you’re even slightly familiar with Breakcore culture, there’s no need for an introduction here. According to urban legends, the Breakcore genre generally originated from Aphex Twin’s “Come to daddy”. It’s pretty amazing how influential this guy actually is and he’s definitely the right person to start off our noisy list with. Collossus.


This guy right here is what you would call a real Breakcore artist. Be advised: if you’re wearing socks, they’ll be blown right off. The intensity of this one will launch your mind into space, straight to the Pleiades. If you recognized Die Antwoord in there, good for you.


Ride the Breakcore wave with this awesome dude. Igorrr mixes the savagery of breakcore with classical music, giving that new genre the name “Baroquecore”. This modern genius is an absolute must. Phenomenon.


This is an artists who comes very close to breakcore but his rhythm patterns are a bit different in terms of sample work. Astonishing stuff, really – it can probably be defined as… ambient Breakcore?

Ruby my dear

This guy did a pretty sweet collaboration with Igorrr  in 2015 (Ep ”Maigre”). He usually goes for the more classical Breakcore sound but he’s definitely worth mentioning. Let’s not try and interpret the message this guy’s conveying and just some good Breakcore. Check it out:

We hope you check out these artists, for they are real, awesomely noisy, aesthetes. As Peter Griffin would say:

Peter Griffin Why Are We Not Funding this?

And as always, head over to Drooble for more music!


  1. Johnny Talbot

    Damn, son… I’ve never heard more noise in just 5 minutes!

  2. Livia

    Moshpit and breakstuff while working n stuff

  3. Myna

    I simply love it!! <3 THANK YOU

  4. Robert S.

    AOSJDIOAJSIODJQWKRNAKJSFJASHFJ i tried to comment in rhythm with my nose , i regret nothing

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